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  1. hoops

    Hi Folks

    Hiya Brian Good to meet you, mate
  2. I hadn't thought of putting it like that Drums: The Ocean Bass: The Lemon Song Electric: The lemon Song/ Since i've been loving you Acoustic: Bron Yr Aur
  3. hoops

    Hello there

    Yep, as in The Hoops Good to meet you, mate... well, it's not as cold as it was but i'm sure it'll prove me wrong for saying that, y'know? How's life down there...not too bad with what's been happening in the East End i hope..?
  4. The Ocean is an excellent song to play... i'm infatuated with the intro section to Tea for One at the moment...another moment of total bliss
  5. hoops

    Hello there

    Hello Whoops...yeah, we do... great minds huh! I've been playing them for around about 25 years.... and i'm still crap!
  6. hoops

    Hello there

    Thanks, i appreciate that.. and i do too
  7. I was one of the underwhelmed fans upon hearing the album, but in hindsight i think that's down to me having unrealistic expectations..being such a fan of all three members an' all.. now that i've had a while to de-geek, the album's growing on me more, and i do think this is a live band..that's where the magic is...
  8. hoops

    Hello there

    Hello there I'm always on the site but haven't been near the forum before... i thought i'd have a look and see. Zeppelin are the band that inspired me to play the drums, and then the bass..and then the guitar... so they have a lot to answer for (especially when they still do and i'm old enough to know better ) Looking forward meeting you all
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