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  1. Hi there,hope you are having a great summer!

  2. It is also illegal to fire someone from their job just because they are 60 over here in the UK.Thats not a valid excuse.I hope that person decides to take their bosses to court and successfully wins their case. To my friend Virginia. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your pets.I hope you know what i mean when i say that they are as much part of the family as anyone else.I'm thinking about you my friend.
  3. Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You. What else.
  4. RMt

    Beautiful Women

    What about this woman Brigitte Bardot
  5. Thank you my friend.That is a lovely thing to say.Thanks for the welcome
  6. That was taken last winter,as if you didnt know. Just to prove how ugly i am he he.
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