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  1. I have never seen any good shots taken behind Bonham's kit either. I have many taken beside or slightly above his kits but none taken behind him. Usually only roadies and photographers who were given specific permission to photograph the band in concert would have access directly behind him I would think. I also would love to have more photos from this angle.
  2. If your other photos are as good as the ones posted, I definately want to get prints of them, especially full kit shots of Bonham. I have thousands of rare Zep shots in my collection and am always looking to add more. It is good that amazing shots like these pop up on the net to give us old fans something to enjoy. I also collect rare shots of The Who, so if you have any of them also, I am interested in prints of them as well. When your website is up and running, please inform us salavating fans so that we can see what others you have posted and what is available for prints. Will you also be a
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