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  1. I vote for San Francisco. Listen to Page himself...

    "I can tell you when I knew we'd broken through, which was at San Francisco. There were other gigs, like the Boston Tea Party and the Kinetic Circus in Chicago which have unfortunately disappeared as venues, where the response was so incredible we knew we'd made our impression—but after the San Francisco gig it was just—bang!"

    Plus, if you're going to San Francisco you're going to meet allot of gentle people there. Jut not as many as you used to.

    I really think they should set up shop in Las Vegas and let people come to them. That way they are tan rested and ready each night. I hate Vegas, but you can have a good time there. Plus they can dial in the sound and it will not change from night to night. Or do a bunch of shows regionally.


  2. I find it laughable that you think RP owes us nothing. I don't think he particularly "owes us", however I think his "ethics' on playing w/ Zep are whacked. He will take money from Zep, and Zep fans, but he won't play with Zep for them, thats my point. He's not a martyr, so dont make him out to be one. Im not saying a full tour, just a couple of shows for charity and a DVD, and he won't have to hear it. Oh boo hoo its such a travesty for RP, spare me his rich and does whatever he wants!!

    Grow up...

  3. You guys bashing Plant are fracking lame. The man can do what he wants. "Hardcore fans?" please. I have liked Zeppelin for over 30 years. I have seen the members of Zep in different projects over a dozen times, etc. Being hardcore has nothing to do with it. So I, while not as hardcore as I once was, know what it is like to long to see Led Zeppelin. Disappointment is one thing, but trashing Robert Plant becasue he does not want to tour with Zep is a joke. The man helped give us music that has enriched our lives in many ways. He is making great music that he and many others enjoy and you flame him for that. How dare you. The man went through a lot back when he was in that band, car crash, the death of John Bonham and most of all his son while he was on the road with the band. So for all of you to sit there and call him names, grill him for playing Zeppelin tunes on the current tour and not doing a big Zep world tour, either lay off Mr. Plant or STFU! He deserves better than that.

    Flame on you crazy diamonds...

  4. I think he is being selfish, because he would be nobody w/o Zeppelin and Zeppelin fans. If he doesnt want to be associated with Zeppelin, than he should stop taking royalties and not play Zep in his shows. but he won't why? because without Zeppelin he would be nobody. your dreaming if you thin otherwise, and Steve I don't want to hear your opinion, because you are so Plant biased its ridiculous. If Plant never played Zep songs or there was no possibility of hearing Zep, even more of his concerts wouldn't sell out. I give the guy credit for doing different stuff and growing, but i don't think a few US Zep shows for a good cause should be soooo difficult for him. A full tour i don't think is a good idea, but a few shows, record them, make a DVD and than evryone can see it!

    Ok, you are entitled to your opinion and I understand your disappointment, but who the heck are you to tell Robert Plant what he should or should not do and what he should or should not play?

    Robert owes us nothing...


  5. http://www.youtube.com/kire70

    Hope they put out the official DVD ASAP. Please Mr. Jimmy Page, if Mr. Plant cannot tour with you right now, just keep jamming in your garage and edit the video/audio with the cave man. You guys were so good at the O2. Such joy.


    Here is the deal on what they will or will not do:

    When you see it on their web-site or on 5 million news pages, then it is perhaps a go.

    Until then, even if someone is in the "know" about things, until the band says "so", who knows fact from fable?


  6. Oh Dear! Playing an unofficial recording without permission of the band

    on a major FM station in 2007... Wow!

    I would say it is unusually *hip* for these days. I like it!

    Prolly the station is risking their license, but they do a great job

    by "sharing" this recording via FM radio with lucky Philly Led Zep fans.

    They have done this in San Francisco and San Jose for many, many years. Live Zep has been a staple of 'Get The Led Out'.

    If the band go after them I would be surprised. I mean Jimmy goes to Boot shops in Japan. The station is just pumping Zeppelin and while they do sell commercial time, really it just pumps the band up more. I hope they are cool. They were so good.


  7. OK, here is what they could do to avoid the trappings of a tour and schedule. Get a running gig in a good venue in San Francisco, NY, Chicago, Las Vegas, LA and do X weeks in each city. That way they can be rested before each night.

    Also, world tours take a long time. I am not sure they would want to be on the road that much. If they do tour, it will focus on the USA first or perhaps some shows in Europe before the massive US tour.

    If they play Stadiums, I am going to lean towards sitting the tour out. I have been to enough of those to know better (for me). If they play indoor 18-20K seat places, I would go to as many as possible.

    I have a feeling I will be at home that night listening to the O2 show. It is so damn good.


  8. This question is to Led Zeppelin, as if they will even read it. Why do you guys hurt us so much? I speak on behalf of your millions of rabid fans who couldn't see the reunion show when I say that we aren't so much angry as we are hurt. ...................................................... So for fans like me quit f*@#ing us over.


    G funk

    Give them a little time. I agree it is lame, but I doubt they are going to wait to make a decision on the DVD. If they are going to do it. THey can have editors and Kevin Shirley start right away or after the new year and have it in stores in less than 6 months.

    I do not think the band f#$ked anyone over.


  9. The cat is out of the bag though. Sure they will go after youtube ad others, but the web is massive and the number of devices that were there at the show are large in number. They should be stoked that so many people are able to hear the show and get reconnected with the band.

    They killed at this show. There were some feed back errors, but I mean this show was just too good. Most of 1977 has nothing on this show as far as being a sound sober performance IMHO. Different I know, but come on.

    Warner should call off the dogs and Jimmy and Co. Should get in the edit bay and get a DVD/CD out ASAP. Forget the flubs and only fix the sound. No padding the vocals or guitars.

    They are going to make a mint off this show. People are excited and going to spend money on tons of other Zep wares.


  10. How do we know the "news shot" wasn't filmed by the media? I'd like to believe a DVD is in the works but a few news clips doesn't mean the band had a film crew there.

    There were plenty of cameras there. Watch the footage on youtube. There were two onstage that I saw and there was one in front of the stage that would move the length of the stage. As to weather or not there were cameras up high on a jib or not, I do not know.

    Anyone else?

    The news is not going to multiple cameras onstage and be edited the way it was.


  11. I think he likes to "brand" songs with particular guitars and he's been using that one with alternate tuning songs like Kashmir and Most High for a long while now.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but he has used a Les Paul on Kashmir in the past and I am not speaking to the self tuning model. 75 Tour perhaps. I stopped obsessing years ago, so the details are not as sharp as they were when I was 7-20 something years old. I got into them in 1977ish.


  12. 49 seconds? 7 minutes? Doesn´t matter.

    I prefer short guitar solos and Jimmy never overplayed on the studio records. Jimmy´s performance seemed surprisingly fresh. Broken finger? I don´t know if that´s the reason for the little hickups. He´s just human (although many fans beg to differ ;-))

    Actually, who gives a.. :rolleyes:

    I do not think the hickups were cause of the hurt finger. Jimmy has hickuped here and there and there and here since day one. He is not note for note to often, but he is and will always be my favorite. I am listening to No 1/4 right now and it is hot. I cannot wait for a cleaner version.

    Peace all.

  13. Well the clip of 'Black Dog' on the BBC came during the show and 'courtesy of Led Zeppelin' so this didn't happen by accident. As the whole thing is for a charity the boys obviously felt passionate enough about to actually reform AND because the whole thing, fedback and lack of cameras notwithstanding, is an historical document, it's inconceivable that the event will not be shared with the rest of the world via DVD and all the income that will bring to the charity.

    As I say, my info is that it's IN PRODUCTION RIGHT NOW.

    Yes, of course the Black Dog clip was given by the PR folks to the media.

    The fact that they left themselves off the Live Aid DVD make me think they would want this event shown.


  14. As far as I know, the show was not formally filmed. There's just the cameras for the screens above the stage. I doubt Jimmy and the band would release a dvd from that. Not of this show anyway. I do hold hope that they'll play again, even if it's just a few select dates and not a full-blown tour. Hopefully last night's success will inspire them to make a record of an event at some future time. Clearly they still have that magic.


    When you say formally filmed, what do you mean? I guarantee they recorded all feeds right to disk arrays and not just the produced mix for the screen. Everything seems to leak out these days so I bet they had technical security personnel working to ensure that it was captured to two different raids (in case one failed) and then taken and locked up for further use or to be locked away. I just cannot see them not wanting the masses to see that they could pull it off 27 years later. Let's hope I am right.

    Peace all.

    I have been wanting to go back to the boot shops in Japan, so I will wait until the report of new boots come out and then had to Shinjuku.


  15. Evster,

    As usual spot on. I never talked smack, but I did have a little uncertainty that things might go the way of many post 75 shows. Watching the vids a 2 AM last night dispelled all of it. Evster and I met at a Pink Floyd show in Oakland in 1994. I wish we could have met up again at this show. I know we are sharing the same buzz at the moment.

    Think of all the people that are still on vacation in London and will not get home to a computer for a few days. The amount of video is going to be posted on the web will keep us busy until the a high quality DVD is available in Japan and I bet they will turn "the Caveman" loose on it, and then we get n official release. They want the world to see this or I sure hope they do.

    Did anyone notice Jimmy's Orange amps had the 'an" missing? So it said "ORGE"? (ORGY anyone?)

    Thanks to John Bonham, Jimmy, John Paul, Robert and Jason for enriching our lives a soundtrack of memories associated with the tunes. You should be and must be proud.

    Peace from Nor Cal.

  16. A. They owe us nothing.

    B. I doubt if Robert did a Zep tour, that it would be solely for the money. (sure he would take the cash, but the music would have to be good and money not the deciding factor)

    C. Paul Rodgers is still a great singer

    D. They get a new singer and call themselves The New New Yardbirds

    E. If Robert says "Nope" and Page does something else, I hope he does something newish and not a tour of Zep Songs sans the band. He did that with the Crowes and it was great. I was at the Greek show.

    F. If E is a true statement, then Page, should call Tony Franklin, Jason Bonham and find a good singer other than the guys on Outrider and play new material and old material. I think that Jones would walk from a Page only event.

    G. 10 print 20 goto 10


  17. These discussions can be fun, but really they are pointless when trying to determine who's the "Best". Page has been my favorite guitar player since I was a little kid in 1976. He, while not always technically precise can do more with a few notes than most people can do with 100's of notes. His emotion is amazing.

    But really look at guys like Don Ross and Michael Hedges(before he died). They do stuff on the acoustic guitar that Page and most of us could not pull off if we tried. No slight against Page, everyone has their strong suit. Just different styles. (OK, I am just pimping these guys cause they rule)

    I like the fact that I can listen to and love them all.

    While I am a fan of Deep Purple and love music like Pentangle, Fairport Convention, The Trees, Steel-eye Span and the like, what I have heard of Blackmore's Night, sucks. But that is just my own opinion and we all know what those are like.

    Please New New Yardbirds, don't suck on Monday night. this is the last chance to get it right. Have fun and leave it on the stage.

    Peace to all and remember, music is in the ear of the beholder.

    Flame on you crazy diamonds

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