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  1. A great deal of Jimmy’s charm was that Godlike, angelic face. Sakurai is no clone, in that respect.
  2. Mark, Is Jimmy as beautiful in person as he is in his photographs? Cgab
  3. cgab1

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Impossible to look wimpy with a jawline like his.......
  4. cgab1

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    He could easily be in movies. There has never been an actor that I can think of who had such ethereal, beautiful features combined with intense masculinity. A truly unique, mysterious person. Hollywood's loss.
  5. It's a good picture, but if I had a face like that I wouldn't hide it under that scruffy beard....
  6. The tone on the studio version of "Black Dog" is amazing, although I have no idea how he got it....
  7. I'd like to ask him if his parents liked Led Zeppelin's music and if they approved of his lifestyle during the Zep years. Cgab
  8. I did read in an interview with Page that he wrote "Friends" after an argument with a girlfriend. cgab
  9. He has more charisma than most people in Hollywood, and I think that it was at its peak in '73.
  10. The 73 tour was good, but that's when Robert's voice started to become raspy. I prefer '71 - '72 Zeppelin.
  11. Great post - couldn't have said it better....
  12. BH is a good tune, but the middle "opera" section is an innovation that doesn't work for me....
  13. cgab1

    Jimi Vs. Jimmy

    If Page played like he did on "Dazed and Confused" from TSRTS, I don't think that Hendrix could keep up. He took the pentatonic blues scale to a new level with that number..... cgab
  14. cgab1

    Jimmy and Jack

    It's amazing how his face always remained healthy and robust looking - no matter how skinny he became. It is kind of supernatural......
  15. I've been perusing this thread and I must say that he is truly captivating. What is it about his face? It looks so different from so many different angles. From one angle it looks ethereal and angelic, from another it looks rugged - handsome. Also, if you think about it, it's unusual for someone that skinny to have such a robust, healthy looking face. He is truly a charmed, magickal being.....
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