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  1. Sakurai looks just like Page from a distance, but he lacks Page’s cherubic, angelic good looks up close..that, he will never be able to replicate, but it’s at least 50% of Page’s charm..
  2. A great deal of Jimmy’s charm was that Godlike, angelic face. Sakurai is no clone, in that respect.
  3. cgab1

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Impossible to look wimpy with a jawline like his.......
  4. cgab1

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    He could easily be in movies. There has never been an actor that I can think of who had such ethereal, beautiful features combined with intense masculinity. A truly unique, mysterious person. Hollywood's loss.
  5. I'd like to ask him if his parents liked Led Zeppelin's music and if they approved of his lifestyle during the Zep years. Cgab
  6. How did you come up with the "Heartbreaker" riff?
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