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  1. Thank you so much for your reply.
  2. Hi , I wonder something.And I'll ask now. I read something on the web but I dont know how I believe them... Where did this song had maiden ? ( sorry my english is very terrible ) I read "headley grange" but I want to correct. ? Did LZ made this song in here ?
  3. Hi I want to watch Jimmy's best guitar solo ever.And I dont find any I found someone but I want to another one ...Another "more fast" one... I want to another one...Another "more fast" one ...Please send here the best , fast links.
  4. Hi... I'm looking for jimmy photos but it have to be different.I will put it forums avatar.I found a lot of wonderful jimmy photos but they were "gettyimages" and so "gettyimages" is on the all photos which I like. Can you help me ? The photos which are I found and liked ; are "gettyimages"...How will I find jimmy photos which are not gettyimages?
  5. Hi , I wanna find 1977 Chicago concert photos or videos.Which concert is Jimmy wore SS hat and eyeglasses.He is like Slash.I'm finding this show's pictures.But I dont find anywhere.Please help me . I have to find this show's videos or pictures.
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