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  1. I wonder who is singing along with Plant in Battle Of Evermore. Is it Page?
  2. Thanks for the tip about Madame Sata. ;-)

  3. Hi aqua! I remembered another rock bar in Sao Paulo, it's "Madame Satã", but I think it has been closed. Anyway there're too much rock bars over there.. see ya!

  4. Damn shit! What the hell is she doing? It has to be banished from the web! I feel sorry for LZ, they don't deserve it!
  5. Thanks for the reply Danny! It's such a curious booklet for me. I've enjoyed it since the first time I saw. But taking advantage of your kindness would you know if Barrington was connected to the band?
  6. I would like to know if somebody knows about some history or something near of it about that old man holding a lantern at the top of the hill. I am almost pretty sure that there is something about him.
  7. Black Dog for me was the invitation to become myself another LZ fan.
  8. I think the best song is Stairway To Heaven, but The Battle Of Evermore is pretty much good too!
  9. Hi! I'm a guy who love classic rock and Led Zeppelin for me is one of the best bands that I ever heard.

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