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  1. just saw the email! the book has been shipped yester should arrive before friday
  2. only got some red blue glasses laying around from the guitar magazine september issue with JP's book preview... nice work anyway
  3. i have book 942 and i have been told that i will get notified when its ready for shipping with no luck yet dont they send the books in numerical order?
  4. don't get yourself too hyped up, if he does something it will be a 2-3 song appearance like he did with the foo fighters... don't forget now, he is 67 and his music can't be played live sitting on a chair like bb king i just think its a shame that we didn't get an album of inspiring and innovative guitar playing and production like we all know he is capable of
  5. i am sure they will be able to make him another if he sends it back
  6. Many thanks and props to you for sharing The book seems stunning and i am sure it will be better in person. Have you had time to read at some of the captions? Thats the only thing i am worried about, i know this is a photography book, but since Page wrote em they could be very insightful.
  7. shipping around christmas period is stupid... courriers are working full on and many mistakes can be made...
  8. matt could you please share some more pictures with us? the first few pages besides the cover maybe? you are so lucky man you must be amongst the first 100 people to receive it!
  9. its december http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPAOgCwZfUc&feature=related
  10. i am number 942 i ordered early april so i thought i'd be amongst the first 600, oh well at least i am in the first thousand
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