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  1. I say Zep I. Then let them discover the others on their own. I almost said HotH but then they might think D'yer Maker and The Crunge are part of the feel of Zep. For me I think it started with I and IV
  2. Rocket Man - Elton John Edit: Ah crap, sorry.
  3. No, not even sure what that is. *Googles* HYE destroyed something expensive?
  4. 21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson
  5. And all thoes tears that filled your eyes.

  6. When I write lyrics I try to be as original as possible without sounding too off-topic. You may find it nessesary to spend alot of time thinking about it. I once spent 2 hours looking for a decent line (1 line!). I try to avoid using first-thing-you-would-think-of words and phrases (like rhyming "die" with "why" or "cry" or "sky"). Try not to to be off topic and talking about nothing. If you're at a loss of words, look up some random phrase generators for some new ideas, maybe scroll through a dictonary, look for online rhming dictionarys, online thesauruses, etc. Hope I helped and best of
  7. "Captivation" Hmm, if that means that to represents Zeppelin as a whole I would say Kashmir. You go to war with Kashmir. But as for individual members STH has an identifying part for all of them. You die to Stairway to Heaven. ALS is an amazing song and just recently if feels even more awesome, but it doesn't quite seem to represent them. You discover the secrets of the universe with Achilles Last Stand.
  8. Bleh, their singer certainly relates to Plant in both voice and style, but I had the opportunity to see them as the opener for ACDC(front row, btw) and I really didn't like them. But then again it was live.
  9. In Through the Out Door. Carouselambra is really the only song I like, and even then only the slow parts (love that).
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