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  1. We had some lows this morning in the 30s nearby here. Ahhh....nuthin' like chilly morn's in August ! Hell, on the 4th of July this year, it was only 40 degrees when I was at the top of Hidden Peak at 11,000 feet !! My sister and brother-in-law from Dallas were freezin' their lonestar asses off !!! But they loved it. I wore a long sleeved Tshirt so they wouldn't think I was an idiot. I had shorts on though...hahahahhaa....
  2. They couldn't capture what is was like "being there". Cause when you watch it on video/DVD, you can SEE how badly they played. The moment of exhiliration one might get "being there" is lost on video. It shows the REAL thing, not the 'out of body' euphoria that covers up a shoddy show. Maybe what's needed is a "hologram" of emotion that can convey that exciting moment. Sorta like a 'scratch and sniff' but for the aural senses.
  3. Been wanting this one for awhile. Great punk !!
  4. Hey... Ft. Worth is cool !! Well, not weatherwise , it's got a bunch of cattleyards ! It's the 'gateway' to the WEST !!!! Go there, young man ! Tomorrow marks a Zep anniversary there too. A great bootleg from Aug. 23, 1971 in very good/excellent quality was recorded at the Tarrant County Convention Center, a place I've seen some excellent shows as well. OH damn...I sillylilly forgot that LZ actually played there on TODAY's date in 1970 !! Well, one year and one day later they played too. The boot from '71 is called 'Hot August Night'....go figure !!
  5. I haven't really been following this thread lately... but, have many from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area pitched in recently ? I've seen that there are near 50 days this summer with temps above 100 and many over 105. Early this month it was 108 for a high I think. Funny though, the 'global warming' thread hasn't seen the heat of the day much lately either. The weather scientist's say the first 6 months of this year was yet ANOTHER record. The HOTTEST 6 month period EVER recorded since they've been keepin' tabs for over 100 years !! Shapin' up to look like the summer of 1980 in DFW this time around.
  6. I wonder if Deep Purple got sued by David LaFlamme. This one was a year or two earlier.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4a-HvG_gVQ
  7. I've got some beads and trinkets worth about $20.... wanna make a sale ? Hey now now now, hey now now now......
  8. Some people are so lost in the moment they can't hear the bad performance. You'd think they'd be listening, but they seem not to be. Reminds me how some deadheaded types just twirl and twirl away, while the noodling often goes way out of kilter. That perception of 'off kilter posting' doesn't seem to be lost on the 'twirlers' of this board though. Imagine that.
  9. I've seen, and have, some fairly elaborately packaged bootlegs out there. Some people just like the physical product with photos and liner notes that can come with these discs. Alot goes into the manufacturing of these particular offerings. The 'companies' buy tapes from people who've either recorded them or acquired them-illegally,immorally or otherwise because they're in demand. Often time the 'holder' of the tapes haven't let copies out, or very few. In this case if the money's right they sell these. They get out and then someone puts copies on various download sites. Right or wrong, if this didn't happen ALOT of what those who detest the practice would NOT have many of their shows or outtakes etc. Just because a person taped a show, doesn't mean they have to share it with anyone or sell it to anyone. Then we who like to have it would suffer. Those who buy these when that's the only way to initially get them do ALL OF US a favor when THEY put them on mediafire or megaupload or rapidshare or DIME or whatever. And it's NOT just the money that makes this bootlegging 'immoral', it's the absolute violation in several cases of taping when the perfomer forbids it. Whether traded among collectors freely or with compensation (extravagant or just B&P) is taking someone else's art and dealing with it unauthorized. So even you all who have boots FREELY are committing a 'SIN' in the eyes of some artists who forbid this practice. The only collector's out there who CAN HAVE a CLEAR CONSCIENCE would be those who have recordings by artists that don't mind tapers or actually encourage this action. So go thru your collection, check the policy of EACH performer and if you have any ROIO of theirs who forbid this....throw away your stuff !! Personally, I'm not gonna worry about it. I have several boots from one of my favorite artist's, King Crimson (Robert Fripp), and he's ADAMANT about illegal taping. Oh well I'll just live with being a 'sinner', but won't hark on those who collect either. But if you're opinion is so narrow about the practice, monetarily or otherwise, you need to scrutinize what you do and be consistent. Speak out and toss the tapes or collect away with a free conscience ! Blah blah blah....
  10. Is that anything like Ring My Chimes : Anita Baker ?
  11. I've heard several and have some....but my Destroyer, second night is an old one. Must be a copy of a distant generational tape. Not being a huge '77 fan, I haven't upgraded to a better sounding one. I have the "Listen to this Eddie" and "For Badgeholder's Only" as far as Millard sources and I'm good with those. Also have some of the soundboards, so I'm set on '77. I'm on the watch for more '69-'71 shows, in good quality.
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