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    MOJO Robert Plant

    What ever happened to "the customer is always right ? " Just sayin'. *OH, the italized and bold in the above quote are my addition !
  2. Oracle

    The Weather Thread

    We had some lows this morning in the 30s nearby here. Ahhh....nuthin' like chilly morn's in August ! Hell, on the 4th of July this year, it was only 40 degrees when I was at the top of Hidden Peak at 11,000 feet !! My sister and brother-in-law from Dallas were freezin' their lonestar asses off !!! But they loved it. I wore a long sleeved Tshirt so they wouldn't think I was an idiot. I had shorts on though...hahahahhaa....
  3. I love listening to the great recording of their Toronto Sept. 4, 1971 show and that GREAT performance of Stairway. The best they ever did IMHO. Since Led Zeppelin IV hadn't been released, no one 'knew' Stairway, so as they start playing the crowd is so quiet...no roar like later tours. It's uncanny.
  4. They couldn't capture what is was like "being there". Cause when you watch it on video/DVD, you can SEE how badly they played. The moment of exhiliration one might get "being there" is lost on video. It shows the REAL thing, not the 'out of body' euphoria that covers up a shoddy show. Maybe what's needed is a "hologram" of emotion that can convey that exciting moment. Sorta like a 'scratch and sniff' but for the aural senses.
  5. Well if these who are stuck in this massive jam have had only ONE KID, they can have a clear conscience. But they should blame their PARENTS for breeding like jackrabbits and populating that cramped/overcrowded country. And anyone else who has more than the 'replacement' amount of children should NEVER bitch and moan about a traffic jam, lines at the grocery, difficulty getting concert tickets, shortages of commodities or items they like, or any other the other problems that come with an overpopulating society/world. If the Chinese truly DO only have ONE child for each couple, then maybe in 50 or 100 years they can start enjoying some SPACE, PEACE and QUIET. But it's gonna take a long time for that population curve to start bending in a more lateral way. Where I am it's complete heresy to even THINK about slowing population down. Rats in a box will eat each other at some point, and I don't care if they're atheist, Christian, Buddist's, Muslim or Mormon. What a rat infested "freeway"...hahahahahahaha....that is ! Right !
  6. Who's in the mob ? Maybe this poster can shed some light, from another thread, We ? A small handful ? The recent bannings are some old poster ? Are you sure ? I guess it doesn't matter, better "safe" than sorry ehh ? So it's not just ledded1 and Knebby apparently, there are others ? Who ?
  7. Been wanting this one for awhile. Great punk !!
  8. 1975 ? You forgot Visions of the Emerald Beyond, FreeHand, Blow by Blow, Minstrel in the Gallery, One Size Fits All, The Rotter's Club, Tale Spinnin', Aurora..... geez, let's go beyond just the surface, how 'bout it ?
  9. I'd start it off with a little morning maniac music. GOOD MORNING PEOPLE !!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ljxpyH4dnA
  10. Oracle

    The Weather Thread

    Hey... Ft. Worth is cool !! Well, not weatherwise , it's got a bunch of cattleyards ! It's the 'gateway' to the WEST !!!! Go there, young man ! Tomorrow marks a Zep anniversary there too. A great bootleg from Aug. 23, 1971 in very good/excellent quality was recorded at the Tarrant County Convention Center, a place I've seen some excellent shows as well. OH damn...I sillylilly forgot that LZ actually played there on TODAY's date in 1970 !! Well, one year and one day later they played too. The boot from '71 is called 'Hot August Night'....go figure !!
  11. I just recently got this. Lame ? I don't think so, but I'm sure there are plenty here who do think so !!
  12. Oracle

    The Weather Thread

    I haven't really been following this thread lately... but, have many from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area pitched in recently ? I've seen that there are near 50 days this summer with temps above 100 and many over 105. Early this month it was 108 for a high I think. Funny though, the 'global warming' thread hasn't seen the heat of the day much lately either. The weather scientist's say the first 6 months of this year was yet ANOTHER record. The HOTTEST 6 month period EVER recorded since they've been keepin' tabs for over 100 years !! Shapin' up to look like the summer of 1980 in DFW this time around.
  13. BIGDAN is a funny, intelligent, witty and sarcastic kind of guy. His posts are very colorful amongst a forum with many members that display alot of droll black and white mundane postings. He's enlightening with his words of wisdom and cracks me up with his offbeat humor that borders on the edge, but that's what you need to do to PUSH the boundaries and make people think. I don't always agree with him, but he's entertaining all the same. Oh wait, I know why you don't like him and think he's a troll...he doesn't like country music or Americana and speaks out about it. That must really hurt, huh ? I've never seen Dan speak as harshly to members here as I've seen in some of your posts. Your sense of humor registers very low and your stiff personality has been noted by other's here too. Maybe the ban you talk about should be aimed at you.
  14. I got LZ III as soon as it came out too and loved every minute of it from the get go. I didn't even "think" about the acoustic numbers as being apart from the rockers, it just all blended in together as a kaleidoscope. One of my favorites as a 13 year old ! Oh, I forgot ! Sorry
  15. Hey look... It takes a lousy performance to recognize a lousy performance. Phil was part of that truth. But did he screw up because of the other's or the other way around ? Doesn't really matter though.
  16. Oh...OK, great then ! I'd just thought I read that you posted about staying away from some thread. I guess I had it wrong, maybe it was one of the other girls. Lot's of people DO like to participate in spirited debates, both pro and con, so if you're ever inclined...hop on in then ! Be a participant, not a spectator.
  17. I don't even think that Robert exploring new ground is what has some people disliking this adventure, it's the adventure itself. Why do people keep thinking that just because it's similar to Zep's variety of exploration, so to speak, that it would mean that a listener likes it. And I beg to differ on the comment about people feeling at ease to speak out. I've seen several posts, one in particular lately, posted as saying that she, Deborah J and Gigi and maybe Buckeye (I believe, were afraid to post out of fear of getting pounded in a thread where there was much dissention. So it may not only be those whose comments might be considered 'negative', but also from those who want to chime in 'positively'. The fear to speak out has been expressed from 'both sides'. And I hope that Oh My being called Oracle doesn't direct a bunch of pouncing onto them. All of a sudden someone posts a similar sentiment or uses some of the same words then they're "identified" and it all goes downhill from there. I've seen it too many times.
  18. More than 'making up shit' as far as terms, it's all just semantics. If a person thinks it's bluegrass and then told it's not, do you think that's gonna really change their view on the music ? I've seen people say it's OK not to like the music or direction Plant is taking. OK, then they sorta want you to shut up about it and maybe they don't say much to you other than insinuate that. BUT when someone goes on about it, just like those who LIKE it, then they're jumped on as being ignorant because of their terminology and even their dislike of the music, whatever you want to call it. Some people simply don't like it and say little, then others don't like it and they expound. And the changes AREN'T exciting for everyone. Most if not all those bands Jahfin mentioned in some kind of 'Americana' umbrella if you will, may not float one's boat at all. And for Jim Lauderdale to say anything that's not for mainstream radio is Americana ! ? What ? That in itself is such a laugh. So what if Raising Sand is called bluegrass or country or whatever. If you're in America, does not liking it make you un-American or just un-Americana ? The term I saw, "Bold"....is a misnomer in my book. The music isn't BOLD it's very tame I believe. And if you like tame vs. wild...then go for it.
  19. 64 years ago today, my parent's got married ! The came along this ornery little toe-headed cottontop a few years later. Lost in the Barrio I walk like an Injun So Carlo won't suspect something's wrong here I dance in place And paint my face And act like I belong here Throw back the little ones And pan-fry the big ones Use tact, poise and reason And gently squeeze them
  20. Oracle

    Mel Gibson

    Better than a stick of margarine !! Grease up them back-burner fatback greens and slap 'yo mammy !!!
  21. Oracle

    Mel Gibson

    Flaunt ? You're full of FLATULENCE !!!
  22. Oracle

    Mel Gibson

    Any number of your entries in the "Beautiful Women" thread are a telltale ! Supersize anyone ?
  23. Yep....simple dragger and droppers ! Or if you're putting music on directly from cd, just choose that 'E' drive as you've chosen, make a file in a "music subfile" on the HD and specify where the ripped music will go. I've been doing this for 3 years now. FUN !!
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