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  1. ^ 5. Doesn't grab me, but probably makes good dinner music.
  2. ^7 Pretty standard for them. I like this more than the official video, and it's uncensored:
  3. ^ 10. The beginning of melodic rock and roll. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3tLtF8kyOQ
  4. You're joking, right? Somebody who just posted the Sanford & Son theme is taking things seriously? Pretty much the opposite, I'd say... Speaking of which, someone still needs to rate Quincy Jones up there....
  5. Not fair! First of all, my gut reaction is to give that a low-rating as retaliation for rating Redd Kross so low. But in all fairness - 9.5. Would rather hear the studio version, though. Now, don't think many have heard the full version of this:
  6. ^ 1. Someone already posted a different 'performance' of this piece pages back. I've had a lot of arguments with my artsy friends about JC that I'm not inclined to reproduce... And now for some Japanese heavy metal:
  7. ^ 10. Very few Manics songs I would rate less.
  8. ^5. Mid-80s AOR staple, but not for me, I'm afraid. Guess I should bare my soul, now. One of my guilty pleasures:
  9. ^ 7.5. Not as good as the studio version. (You're gonna have to watch this one on YouTube, sorry) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GiCtvne1l8
  10. ^ 6. Competent, but not something I would seek out. Since we're on live recordings... I really wanted wanted to find the studio version, but could only find this. The recording is crap, hopefully you can glean enough of the song itself through the performance:
  11. ^ 7. The definition of a 'guilty pleasure.'
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