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  1. Getting the red carpet ready for tonight's premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Exactly a year after QT and his crew started filming on Hollywood Blvd. last summer.
  2. "When I step out, strut down with my sugar She'd best not talk like Barry White"
  3. Which suggests you don't know the meaning of "cash grab". The endless Avengers or Fast & Furious sequels or farewell tours by the likes of Kiss and others...that's a cash grab. QT takes his time making movies...this is only his ninth in 27 years. That is not the modus operandi of someone looking for a quick buck. So what if Brad Pitt has been in a QT movie before? Did you refuse to see "GoodFellas" or "Taxi Driver" because Scorsese had already used De Niro in "Mean Streets"? That's comical, Steve. But I'll tell Quentin not to expect your money. Well said. +1
  4. Absolute corker. Boston and Providence are the best consecutive gigs of the 1973 U.S. tour. I always felt like the first leg was still under development. Jimmy hadn't quite developed the solos in "Celebration Day" and "No Quarter" to their full potential.
  5. The Russians almost beat us to the moon. https://www.washingtonpost.com/history/2019/07/19/soviets-tried-beat-apollo-they-crashed-spacecraft-moon-instead/
  6. What is the deal with June 24, 1972? I have always assumed there were no San Francisco area dates on the 1972 tour...however illogical that sounds considering how popular Led Zeppelin was in the Bay Area. No official 1972 U.S. tour information I have seen lists a June 24 date. It is always: June 22: San Bernadino June 23: San Diego June 25: Inglewood June 27: Long Beach June 28: Tuscon The official concert timeline on this forum does not list a Berkeley date for June 24. But Dave Lewis lists June 24, 1972 Berkeley in his Concert File book and just recently I noticed Wikipedia (yes, not the best source for factual information) listed June 24 Berkeley on their 1972 U.S. Tour page. What gives? Berkeley September 14, 1971 is one of the great bootlegs of all-time. Certainly, if Led Zeppelin had played Berkeley in 1972 there would be audio evidence of such a show. Instead, nada. So why do Dave Lewis and Wikipedia persist in claiming there was a June 24 Berkeley date on the 1972 tour?
  7. Looks like he's been banned as his original post has disappeared. He's probably off smoking crack with Kyrie Irving. These idiots infest the comment sections on every NASA video on YouTube. Insanity.
  8. I took my nephew to see the Apollo 11 IMAX movie earlier this year when it was first released. I'll take him again this week when he gets out of summer camp. You lucky dog. I would have loved to experience the sight and sound of that Saturn V rocket launch in person. What a beautiful machine.
  9. The actual landing on the moon happened on this day 50 years ago. The Eagle landed in the Sea of Tranquility at 4:18pm. EST/ 1:18pm. PST on July 20, 1969. It is livestreaming now...
  10. Don't forget Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins and all the scientists and engineers at NASA that put in the long hours and hard work, too.
  11. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/07/dear-columbia-apollo-11-astronaut-michael-collins/
  12. Remember, Michael Collins was essentially the pilot...he was the one flying them to the moon and back to earth. He got to fly the baddest muthafucking machine ever built...the Saturn V rocket. Also, he would be totally ALONE while on the dark side of the moon with no contact with Houston. It takes a special kind of personality/psychological type to handle that without cracking up. Without Michael Collins, the other two don't get home.
  13. No he is NOT. What is on the record are a lot of deceptively doctored and altered audio and video and bullshit Reddit threads. All of which have easily been proven to be false time and time again. It is amazing to me how people will go to extreme lengths and twist themselves into pretzels to dismiss the facts and then accept the slightest whisper of wacky conspiracies as gospel. We are devolving as a human race as critical-thinking capability shrinks generation after generation. Buzz Aldrin needs to punch a lot more people in the face. https://www.livescience.com/62253-buzz-aldrin-aliens-a-lie.html https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/moon-mars/a7166/why-apollo-really-stopped-at-17/
  14. Does anyone have any photos of this Freezer guy? Do we know what he looked like?
  15. Pure malarkey. You've been watching too many Transformers movies...or that faux hoax doc "Apollo 18". Actually, there were reasons given...budgetary contraints and NASA had achieved most of their goals. After the last moon landing in 1972, NASA's focus moved on to the Skylab mission for 1973-74.
  16. Real time livestream of the entire Apollo 11 Mission. Meaning that whenever you click on the link you are seeing exactly what was happening 50 years ago at that moment. You can rewind back to catch what you have missed.
  17. No, my dad was still in school in '52. Besides, I think Jack was booted out of JPL by 1944, years before he met his fiery death. Jack Parsons is one of those great figures embedded in the history of the 20th century, waiting for you to discover him. You just have to dig a little because he's been pretty much written out of the official history. Rocket science, the founding of JPL, Thelema, OTO, Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard, Cameron, orgies, Devil's Gate in Pasadena, Curtis Harrington, Kenneth Anger....once you start looking you'll go down a fascinating rabbit-hole. Watch "Night Tide", Dennis Hopper's first starring role, and you will see Cameron, Jack's occultist wife and a muse/siren to many in that artistic/bohemian community of the time. The film was directed by Curtis Harrington. But now I'm straying way off-topic. I'll leave it to you if you want to go down that hole.
  18. Not that there is a pattern or anything. 😏
  19. Excellent. You've seen them before, right? If not, prepare yourself for a treat. Derek Trucks is worth the price alone. The spirit of Duane flows through him. Yeah, I know he is the son of Butch Trucks not Duane Allman, but trust me...when Derek plays you can't help but feel Duane. The Fox Atlanta is like their second home. I wouldn't be surprised if this show is professionally recorded for future release.
  20. Building models was one of my hobbies growing up. I spent a lot of time at the local hobby shop looking over the Revell and Monogram model kits. Airplanes, cars, ships, tanks...and when the Space Race got cooking, models of the Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo spaceships. My dad worked for JPL for a time and nearly every week he would bring me a new spaceship or rocket model. My crowning glory was building this beast...Revell's Saturn V rocket. 1/96 scale...it was huge! I miss my old models...they are long gone. But I found some photos of Revell's classic kit from the internet.
  21. First of all, a hearty WELCOME BACK NUTROCKER!!! I missed ya'. It gets lonely here trying to defend and explain the 1977 tour without you. Secondly, I was never involved in trading circles to the extent you are, so I bow to your knowledge of the persons and particulars involved. It's always been a shame there has to be so much drama in the Led Zeppelin bootleg and trading community.
  22. What a difference ten years made. When you saw Jimmy in 1998 it was as if the 1980s never happened. He was in charge of his instrument and his tone and attack in a way he hadn't been since the 1970s. Other than the 2008 O2 one-off, the 1998 Page & Plant tour was the best chance young ones who missed Led Zeppelin had of seeing a close facsimile of a 'Led Zeppelin' concert. So if you passed on seeing this tour, it was your loss. For you won't ever see Page play like this again. For comparison, after that white-hot Heartbreaker check out this feeble attempt in 1988. It's like night and day. Live Aid and the Atlantic Records 40th anniversary gigs did more damage to Jimmy Page's reputation than a hundred 1977 Tempe, Arizona gigs. For one thing, millions more people watched Live Aid and Atlantic Records than have heard Tempe '77...or any 1977 bootleg. If Jimmy had played in the 1980s like he did in 1998, the "Jimmy is sloppy" and "Jimmy plays like a three-year old" comments that started popping up in guitar magazines never would have happened.
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