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  1. Cute, but this kind of thing really is kind of shallow and reinforces the idea that in rock n roll image is much more important than the actual music.
  2. My favorite rock vocalists at the moment: Jim Morrison Mike Patton Morrissey Scott Weiland
  3. These three are also among my favorites. I also consider all the lead guitar work on TSRTS (studio version) as some of Page's finest soloing.
  4. You can do a lot of things improvisationally in the style of Zeppelin if you have a good understanding of 3 scales: -The Minor Pentatonic -The Major Pentatonic -The Minor Scale Once you have a good understanding of these 3 you can improv to the majority of their songs and then branch out from there. It helps to know when you can use what. Anything that is based more or less on a 12 bar blues chord progression (for example Rock n Roll or Bring it on Home) this is where you want to use both minor and major pentatonic (shades of dark and light), a lot of players stick too much to minor
  5. I know some aren't as crazy about Clapton's sound in the '80's, I used to be one of those people, but I've been converted, I've really been digging the tasty solos (and other musicians) on this track lately - great stuff.
  6. I agree with the OP that to me nothing Led Zep did live ever topped ICQYB live in 1970 at RAH absolutely jaw dropping, stunning, out of this world, beyond words. As far as studio versions they are both very nice, but I still prefer ICQYB. You Shook Me is very BRASH some great unique vocal effects and solos but ICQYB is so very CLASS, refined, under-stated, brilliant. It's more of a blues purist track, with just the right hint of that Zeppelin mystique, personally, I love it.
  7. I really enjoyed their early stuff, especially the Tremulant EP and DITC. I didn't think they diversified enough on later releases, somehow there was less magic and it got kind of 'samey' to me. So I personally don't think this is necessarily too bad a decision, but I agree they were an incredible live band - the best live band I've seen actually, and I saw them live twice. I saw them with SoaD and felt TMV were infinitely better live than SoaD. TMV (like Led Zeppelin) had a very spontaneous, unpredictable and organic vibe live. SoaD on the other hand cranked out a bunch of music that sounded
  8. Led Zeppelin has long been a band that has fascinated me. When I first began listening to them I mainly noticed the great guitar riffs and also that most of the songwriting credits went to Page as well as all the production credits, this led to a long interest in Jimmy Page where I considered him the creative genius behind Led Zeppelin. But the longer I've listened to the band the more I've come to the conclusion that Led Zeppelin just happened. It was like a phenomena that just occured as a result of those four members playing together. I think it became its own thing greater than any one mem
  9. Led Zeppelin IV mostly for the following tracks all among my favorites: The Battle of Evermore Four sticks Going to California When the Levee Breaks
  10. I disagree, though all the Doors albums have songs that range from just good to brilliant (whereas the first 6 Zep albums were pretty much brilliance all the way through). The Beach Boys were very good musically, but lacking lyrically. However, when it comes to most over-rated, no offense to any of his fans but I think Johnny Cash is the most over-rated recording artist I can think of.
  11. The charming front man of this band deserves a mention:
  12. Off the top of my head - certain moments from the solos on - RAH ICQYB, HMMT, TSRTS and the 'Bring it back' outro of The Battle of Evermore. Ask me on a different day and I could probably think of a half dozen different 'favorite' moments.
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