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  1. I know some aren't as crazy about Clapton's sound in the '80's, I used to be one of those people, but I've been converted, I've really been digging the tasty solos (and other musicians) on this track lately - great stuff.
  2. I disagree, though all the Doors albums have songs that range from just good to brilliant (whereas the first 6 Zep albums were pretty much brilliance all the way through). The Beach Boys were very good musically, but lacking lyrically. However, when it comes to most over-rated, no offense to any of his fans but I think Johnny Cash is the most over-rated recording artist I can think of.
  3. Well, maybe we should wait to hear from the original poster, as the wording in the OP is not quite as strictly defined as that.
  4. Oh , my mistake I took the thread title to mean what are our current music recommendations - or what are we currently enjoying. etc. But seeing as The Smiths did just release a re-mastered box-set, they are kind of `current`again, I guess lol.
  5. The Smiths - Barbarism Begins At Home. A killer track in so many ways, this is one of those bands that when I listen to them they restore my faith in the artistic integrity of rock music.
  6. I will never get sick of The Doors, one of my all time favorite rock bands and I discovered them right around the same time as Zeppelin. I've been listening to LA Woman (the album) a bit lately, great album. I think The Wasp is an under-rated song, and L.A Woman and Riders on the Storm are at the moment my two favorite Doors tracks.
  7. One of my guitar students has hinted that he's getting us tickets to see Brian Setzer, who I would obviously be thrilled to see. I'm also rather excited as it seems every show this guy goes to he somehow manages to meet the act. He is personal friends with Jimmie Vaughan and the last show I went to with him I got to meet one of the greatest blues players in the world - Walter Trout, as well as his opening band - Trampled Underfoot (not a Zep cover band, though they did cover Rock n' Roll).
  8. Lately I've come to the conclusion that the greatest rock band in my mind after Zeppelin is possibly The Smiths. They remind me of Zeppelin in a way because they were a 4 piece band formed by a songwriting partnership between lead vocalist and lead guitarist, yet all the members were rarely gifted at their instruments and vital to the bands all around sound.
  9. Thats exactly what I thought! You're totally right. Honestly, the first time I played that chord the same thing happened, so I don't blame Joe Perry. It's definitely not a commonly played shape...thanks again for posting that selection7 and otto, and my apologies for over-looking the initial post of selection7 the first time.
  10. After watching that youtube video, I can see you are clearly correct about the chord having that G root (the one you wrote out is right). Sorry man, I glanced over your post and looked at the incorrect tab in the quote box. That chord sounded wrong to me (which it was), but the G note sounded off as a root, and I think its because my ears were just used to hearing the chord the way I've been playing it...the chord works good as a sub but whether or not its been used live I don't know. Like I said before I never thought the Em7#9 was what was used in the studio but the C9 without the 3rd, and now I see the version of it you wrote out is right likely for live playing and studio.
  11. I was thinking about this chord some more today, and I'm willing to bet, the chord we hear on the studio version is a c9 without the third, but not in any voicing we've tabbed out so far. I'm hypothesizing Page used an alternate tuned guitar to play that unique chord, why else would he substitute it when playing The Immigrant Song live? Again I would suggest to any players to just use the E7#9 for the outro as this chord works great: -x -8 -7 -6 -7 -0 Its the same chord he uses all the time in such songs as - Were Gonna Groove, How Many More Times, and the Danmarks Radio version of Communication Breakdown etc.
  12. I think the album version is probably the C9 without the 3rd, played as described in the first response of this thread: -x -3 -3 -x -3 -x To my ears on the live version on the DvD he substitutes that chord for an E7#9 for the outro: -x -8 -7 -6 -7 -0
  13. He sure has had a lot of incredible guitar moments, but his solo on this Robert Johnson track may just be the finest piece of blues playing Ive heard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhf7I1J0lG4
  14. Can I have a guitar lesson? See that'd be perfect because then Id get way more questions. That is one man's brain Id love to pick.
  15. tdc


    My Fridays are usually pretty tame nowadays, as I always work all day Saturday... Tonight Im still recovering from getting a couple wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday, I think Im going to just watch a movie. (LOTR- Return of the King -extended version)
  16. Im reading a Stevie Ray Vaughn biography called 'Caught in the Crossfire', Im also reading a book called :Science of Being and Art of Living: Transcendental Meditation
  17. Ive been blown away by that harmonica solo for years, (and the drums) but I think its just a combination of great playing and great production. There are a lot of harmonica players that can get their instrument sounding like a guitar. A few years ago I saw a blues duo called Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo, and the harmonica playing was a lot like that. The dude sounded almost like Stevie Ray Vaughn on his harmonica, like bending sounds and incredible sustain to the notes. It was very similar to when the levee breaks, but you dont hear it as much on their recordings, because the production is different. The backwards echo adds a lot to Zeppelin's version, no doubt.
  18. Im 99% sure thats just a regular harmonica and that Robert Plant is playing it, not Jimmy Page. Edit: ok its just a regular harmonica played by Plant, but the track was slowed down to create a 'sludgy' effect, and backwards echo was also added to the harmonica by Page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_the_Levee_Breaks
  19. As many great players that have been listed on this thread I dont think there is one of them that coud play this: (watch whole video) guitar player Not trying to say this guy is the 'best' either, just that there are always different areas one can excel in, and to try and compare them is pretty pointless.
  20. He didnt say he can 'match' Page, no guitar player can ever perfectly match up with any other. But I can verify Eve's statements, he posted up some youtube links on the old board, and after hearing him play OTHAFA, celebration day and rock n roll, I feel its safe to say the guy knows how to play his Jimmy Page riffs. He is better at playing Zep than myself, and I teach guitar lessons.
  21. You make some good arguments, but a lot of it is rather obviously biased. For example where did you get the information that Page would become better than his guitar teachers in a week or less, at such a young age? Your argument starts sounding like mythical 'fish' stories when you make such remarks. The human brain loves to look for simplified solutions, and also heroic figures, but truth is there really is no best guitarist, and if there is one, its definetely not Jimmy Page! Also, to say that Page was always spot on regardless of how intoxicated is laughably innacurate. He wasnt spot on even on his best nights! He had a sloppy style, that was just Pagey. I do agree he was an amazing guitarist, a genius, and contributed tremendously to rock n roll. He is hands down my favorite guitar player, but I know he is not the so called 'best' (nobody is). There are certain things he was arguably best at, like coming up with awesome riffs, hitting a really soulful note, his vibrato in my opinion is second to none -- but there are literally thousands of players that would leave him in the dust in other areas. But I do know where you are coming from, and when I was younger I used to make the exact same types of arguments. Page just has a certain something that is so captivating it goes beyond technical skill. My hypothesis is that it was a metaphysical occurance stimulated by the joining of all four members in that band -- not just Page. They created an energy that was a whole greater than the sum of its parts, which I think elevated each member's abilities. If you listen to Page pre Zep and post Zep, the same fire is not quite there in his playing.
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