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  1. annam

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    But tell me why this HYPOTHETICAL woman should stand???? LOL!
  2. ok let me register in ....I think I'll use the same nick....lack of fantasy? no...problems with memory (when I change nick or password I always forget it )!!!! ciao annam

  3. Anam! It's the Italian forum (quindi in Italiano) so if that's OK for you, the site is http://virginradioitaly.it/top/virgin_club and my nick is Mico. Maybe I'll see you there, too! Ciao for now!

  4. yes you are right, surely Jason will play only with good musicians... only I wonder if he will play in Italy or not...I think it's not so easy...for now I'll search for a Flowerstone concert....let me se if they will play on summer..... bye bye
  5. yes with pleasure....I often listen to Virgin radio but I don't know the forum.....have you got the same profile there?

  6. Ciao Anam! I was wondering if you would like to join me and other friends who like rock in Italy on the Virgin Radio forum! It would be nice to see you there! Ciao for now ....

  7. Well I'm always a bit skeptical about cover bands, but if you say this I'll definitely be nice to bring my son, who now loves LZ like me , to see Flowerstone.... I read their interview,they say they want to do a "philological" job on LZ, then with interpretation as possible adhering to the original model. ... it seems hard, given the size of the model, but if you say that I surely will go to see them. ... I think it could be also good to see this work of Jason...without going the pathetic...but we saw him when he was a kid in TSRTS playing drums while Mum and Dad danced ... .. well his emotions, memories, are not only interesting because is the son of the great Bonzo, but also because he is great musician too ... hoping that it will be nice and not disappointing. ...
  8. Perhaps for some of you here on the site, very very experienced, judging from your posts, will not be a surprise.... ... But yesterday while I was driving I was listening to a classical music channel the beginning of a Rachmaninov concert ... ... the director of the orchestra, introducing the concert, suddenly starts talking about JPJ, and how much he was influenced by Rachmaninov. ... then he continued talking about the LZ in general and the greatness of their music, immortal as the great classical music. ... then the concert started, but I got off...I confess I don't know the music of Rachmaninoff, but such a passionate speech of the orchestra director makes me curious to explore this influence ...
  9. LOL it's very amusing..ciao! can you ask your wife where she bought this soap? in which supermarket or shop? I've never seen before... I don't think it's sold only in Salerno...
  10. Icke shoots a lot of crap, he is a crazy exalted.... I hope he hasn't many followers, but I don't believe...
  11. has not set their status

  12. Excellent! Ciao for now!

  13. This morning I finally listened to my MP3 Tinariwen, the Tuareg group than I had heard so much about, not least by Plant, who played with them a few years ago at the Desert Festival in Mali. ... I liked a lot, really a primordial blues,it makes a strange effect ... the music seems blues, but then the voice and choirs reported immediately your mind the dunes of the desert .....very strange and good..
  14. I am sorry to sound so formal ... unfortunately mine is a scholastic English, it lacks of practice ... if I could write in Italian, certainly know how to be less formal, even better if I could use the Roman dialect, or even the Neapolitan, I know quite well, that is one of the funniest dialects of Italy ... but I will connect more and perhaps in time be able to acquire a more casual language...

  15. Your English is very good! It sounds very professional and formal! If you notice in many forums, posts tend to be more relaxed and informal. But you are right, practice makes perfect! TTYS (Talk To You Soon)

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