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  1. watching at the movie, I have felt a strong emotion, but basicly for the symbolic value of this "Celebration day", and also for the fact we were watching at it all together all over the world, united by the same strong passion (and I have tought to the song "the Ocean")....well....I think that this bunch of dear old men LOL are still good, great, speaking about their technical level, also if I am not a musician like many of you over here so I cannot speak about the level of the execution of every single note, but I wasn't expecting to watch a wonderful, mind-blowing concert, because for thi
  2. I only remember that my brother older than me, who made me see BLUES BROTHERS and ANIMAL HOUSE was very sorry...and me too of course, also because after seeing him over the rocky mountain in CONTINENTAL DIVIDE, I was curious of what could do if he wouldn't die...I have enjoied his movies so much, and appreciated him as comedian, musician...a huge talent who made me feel the strong willing to destroy the guitars of so many poor singers that worth nothing LOL! http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F%3Fgl%3DIT%26hl%3Dit&hl=it&gl=IT#/watch?feature=mhee&v=M6aweJbgkL0
  3. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F%3Fgl%3DIT%26hl%3Dit&hl=it&gl=IT#/watch?v=5lS_hNUhGnk
  4. Happy birthday lou reed!!!!! Probably now he would add something about IKEA in this monologue ! http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F%3Fgl%3DIT%26hl%3Dit&hl=it&gl=IT#/watch?v=5lS_hNUhGnk
  5. annam

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    But tell me why this HYPOTHETICAL woman should stand???? LOL!
  6. Thank you for this great news, I have gone immediately on the womad site, I would like so much to go there..I agree with you, strange Sensation style combined with african music, and less country, would be a very good recipe! Also if I have loved so much BOJ because they are great artists and it has been such an emotion to see them live, and also if I have enjoyed that kind of psychedelic country rock, I think that, except for the nameLOL, this new group could be even better than BOJ, or nearer to my personal taste....Anyway it is always wonderful to see how Robert, despite his age, em
  7. Well....almost true is a cycle of transmissions about rock miths, I saw also the others about elvis and morrison....they are almost true, precisely, so they are not documentaries......the author adds something of his own fantasy to joke about some legends such as satanism proved listening stairway to heaven backward, or about the title black dog...all people who talk during the transmission to prove theories such as the prediction of an earthquake in california with going to california, or the prediction of bonzo's death with when the levee breaks and with four sticks, or the story about fra
  8. Rome under the snow!!!!!!!! Have you seen on tv? Watching at your pictures, it seems quite another city!!!!! It is wonderful to see our monuments in this unusual way, but it is also terrible because the eternal city is not prepared for this so it is a calamity!!!!! It takes hours to move by car, authorities have closed schools and public offices, and today there are many polemics against the mayor because the capital of the nation is in knees for the snow!!!!! So you had been lucky to have come before this disaster!!! Last night I saw on tv a documentary about a famous roman singer/songwriter
  9. well, in Rome, in Italy....BOJ played with BEN HARPER in two different concerts, one before the other.....so it has been a bit short, IMO, I think the american concerts, in wich BOJ played alone, have been longer than the roman concert I saw.....it started at half past eight and finished at ten o clock...they played GALLOWS POLE in the encore.........I hope for you you'll be able to see BOJ, they are awesome....maybe in a concert longer than mine!!!!!! anyway I'm happy the same.....at the beginning of this year I didn't expect BOJ in rome....RP hasn't been playing in rome since too many year
  10. I'm happy for you at the end you succeded in finding the tickets and come in Rome......problably we stayed very next each other!!!!! yes, awesome concert, wonderful experience.....except for gallows pole, IMHO......I love too much the original version, and the version of the 1992 "no quarter" tour too, to appreciate this too slow and quite version....and I'm a bit sad they didn't play "rock and roll"...this is the soundtrack of my life!!!!! expecially when I'm down.....I just listen to rock and roll and I smile immediately.....anyway a great concert, only a bit short......because after there w
  11. I was there!!!! I post some photos..I did many, but the others are not good, I was too excited to do photos....I was just under the stage, so I saw Robert just in front of me!!!!! It was such an emotion, I can't describe.......I'm very very happy..... but.......I would rather preferred he played more tunes of his solo career, while they played many zep tunes...".bron-y-aur stomp "was wonderful, has been the best lz song in my opinion, I found it perfect to be played in the BOJ way because it was country also in its original version; " black dog " was different from the original but enjoyable,
  12. waiting for my chance to finally see Robert and the band of Joy (July 19, 2011, a memorable date for me, also because it is the first time I'll see robert live), I'm reading and rereading your posts ... ... many of you have said that he and the band are very hot, that Robert, as imagined, is very good at engaging the public, so I wonder how it interacts with people? for example, the lineup of songs performed is fixed, or you can make requests? Well, about LZ songs played by band of joy, I would like if they play "Gallow's Pole, " "When The Levee Breaks, " "Ramble On"and, of course, "rock a
  13. I hope you are right!!! probably you are, because the concert will start at half past seven, while usually concerts start at half past nine.....anyway I'm very happy
  14. Robert Plant and Band of Joy and Ben Harper together in the same concert July 19 in ROME!!!!! I have got the ticket!!!!!! I wonder If someone else in this site will be at this concert....... it would be nice to meet and stay together....... surely we will not have the trouble of the snow!!!!!!! and surely it will be a very good concert....because I like ben harper very much....probably RP will not play all songs he would play if there were only BOJ....but I'm happy to see both these great artists in the same concert....
  15. sorry, I apologise, but I didn't find a better section to suit my topic....yes it's not a poll, also because the aim of my topic for me was to discover other music, to learn more from the other members....however, if you notice there are other topics in this section that are not polls just like mine: for example look at : "your favourite plant vocal" by Jimmy's a legend "favourite zeppelin albums" by the legendary zepp "what is the most relaxing layed back zeppelin song?" by led zeppelin fan1 and others.......anyway if you suggest me a better place to suit this topic I'll thank you....
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