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  1. ^What good luck! I felt that quake today too. It's epicenter was in mexicali i think. 7.2 kinda scary thinking about it. :0 On a happier note I finally got a job, well actually, yesterday. I'm ecstatic about it. After a while I started to think that no one would give a job to young kid with no prior experience, but I will be a census taker. Yes, I'm going to be one of those scary people who show up at your door and take your information! > beware of me!
  2. How morbid is it that people only care about the "desecration" of places where public figures were assassinated. IMHO she was criticizing the murder of JFK and not the late president himself. but that's just what i understood from it.
  3. I get her point and don't feel offended or anything. She was criticizing people's intolerance to anything outside the social 'norm'. Something im guessing she associates to Kennedy's assassination. On the other hand the music itself didn't stand out at all. Also the lyrics don't seem to back her point either. All that aside, she wasn't 'stripping' or being provocative. It's just a naked human body where a president died.
  4. Father's Grave - Melissa Auf Der Maur (duet with G.Danzig) http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ZUIAwHydpKQ -- Haunting!
  5. bumping this thread. danzig<3 also. first post of mine. hi.
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