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  1. 1.I love playing guitar 2.I love collecting and listening to vinyl records 3.I wear a different Led Zeppelin shirt to school literally everyday, it's what I'm known for 4.I don't watch that much tv, way more into music 5.I am rather shy in person, that's probably why I don't post here that much 6.I plan on pursuing a career musically, whether it be with a band, solo, or as a session musician 7.I love the little things in life 8.I love music, it's my life 9.I would kill to live in the late 60's and 70's 10.I love staying up late
  2. Led Zeppelin four and Presence both on vinyl
  3. Please excuse the shitty hair cut
  4. I picked LZ1 because the image perfectly describes the music inside,explosive, violent, and amazing.
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