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  1. As a fan of all three bands, I respectfully disagree. Just listen to this song, there are five great guitar riffs. The first two minutes of the song sounds nothing like the last two minutes of the song . . . and they aren't even the best riffs of the album (I'd give that honor to the riffs from Sabbra Cadabra and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath).
  2. Yeah. Geezer definitely came up with some of Sabbath's riffs, and he also wrote most of their pre-Dio lyrics. Iommi wrote most of the riffs though. And Iommi is still writing great riffs. Edit: I found a quote from Geezer that leads me to believe Tony was doing most of the heavy lifting as far as the riffs go. "Geezer: When we first used to write, it used to be all together. That's the way it was done. Tony would come out with a riff, then I would put the bass in and Bill Ward would drum along." http://www.black-sabbath.com/interviews/tonygeez_0594.html
  3. Here you go. Or if that's not your flavor, you can have this. I said Iommi is better at writing riffs, and I don't even think it's close. If Page wrote every Zeppelin riff, I would have them tied at #1, but as far as I know, JPJ wrote a lot of Zeppelin's riffs, especially the ones that are notes instead of chords. If we're talking about solos or overall, I'd take Page over Iommi. I don't think Richards even belongs in the discussion.
  4. Basically everything "conforms to and uses" physics. When a baseball player is getting ready to catch a fly ball, his brain has to consider velocity, gravity, mass, etc. for him to be able to stand in the right place to catch the ball. I wouldn't call him a physicist and I wouldn't call baseball a science. When you're having sex, you're conforming to and using biological functions. There's even the chance that you'll end up reproducing, which is an incredibly complex process. But I don't consider having sex performing science. Science can be used to study baseball and sex, just like it c
  5. No. I didn't even know he had a forum. I'm a fan of his from hearing him on podcasts. I went ahead and signed up and put in your name as the person who referred me to the forum. I'm going to check out that tube amp thread.
  6. Knowledge = knowledge. If science was just knowledge, why would we bother calling it science? Knowledge is part of science, but science is more than just knowledge. From the link you posted: science is an enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the natural world. No martial art that I'm aware of fits that definition.
  7. Regarding martial arts, it's not science. I've spent over a decade in martial arts, and I'm a huge MMA fan (just look at my name), so that old "lack of personal experience" argument won't work in this case. Of course if we redefine the word science, then you could make the case, but if we're going to redefine words to suit our preconceptions, why even have words in the first place?
  8. I'm a Randi fan. He was the inspiration for that speech. I cited him before I even downed the pills.
  9. I thought I made some decent points (which you haven't addressed), and I wasn't aware I was insulting you. Sorry.
  10. I actually know a lot about homeopathy. I downed 100 homeopathic sleeping pills at the beginning of a speech I gave detailing exactly why it's bullshit. Here's the outline of my speech: Do you disagree with any of that?
  11. What you saw was the placebo effect. Homeopathy is a joke. Your post reminds me of the argument we were having in the marijuana thread. Anecdotal evidence is almost completely worthless, but you keep using it to support your arguments. And we WILL all die someday, but that doesn't mean we should all stop brushing our teeth, stop bathing, start abusing drugs, start drinking heavily, and start eating nothing but fast food.
  12. Tony Iommi was the best riff writer I've ever heard (I used to have him tied with Page until I found out JPJ wrote most of my favorite Zeppelin riffs). This isn't a Sabbath video, but I think it's a great medley of some of Iommi's best work. If you can name the songs all the riffs are from in the right order, you win a prize. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1tjkCyYeeQ
  13. 10 That's one of the last Zeppelin songs I discovered (I was introduced to the band by downloading one song at a time, not albums). It quickly became one of my favorites. I completely agree that it's underrated. Regarding Aerosmith, check out Adam Carolla's recent podcast with Steven Adler (former drummer of Guns n Roses). He talks about his sexual adventure with Steven Tyler and nine girls, as well as Mr. Tyler's "rig." I love the drumming in this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0XLKcMoXRE
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