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  1. Tonight I fly so high up in the vanilla sky!

  2. Oh, sorry! I meant December 4th, 1972!
  3. Hey, hi, guys! Listen, a few weeks ago I read book titled "Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me" (about Led Zeppelin Green's Playhouse show, on December 4, 1970), and I was little confused about the set list for Green's Playhouse encores! In the book, the encore songs are Heartbreaker, Immigrant Song and Communication Breakdown. On argenteumastrum.com only Heartbreaker. On ledzeppelin.com is Heartbreaker and Thank You. So, what is right end of this show? Does anyone know?
  4. For me, Jimmy's best guitar solo ever, its Communication Breakdown solo at Danish TV!
  5. Help me, pleace. From what Led Zep concert this photo?
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