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  1. a really great on is the "canadian crunge" really good quality, the "destroyer" is good too... and the "dirty trick" 1973 salt lake city bootlegs are great
  2. I'm a self taught guitarist as well, and my advice is the tunings are important, as for the pick, just use a medium gauge... also, the most important part, is see exactly what Jimmy is playing, on videos... that helps tremendously in finding put if a tab is wrong. And play around alot with the attack on the strings, that effects more than one can imagine. Lastly, be really sloppy!! hahaha Good luck playing the intro to Bron Yr Aur Stomp!!!
  3. been checking out the ibanez wh10v2 lately.... it isnt half bad!! well, let me amend that... its great! it has a boost when on, and the sound is really unique. Frusciante uses, one, thats why i looked it up. it was first made in the 80's.
  4. I saw some really nice guitars by this company, i myself wanted to buy an agile valkyrie double, its a double SG look alike, and it has an all mahogany body... and it only costs 500 bucks. Sounds good to me!!
  5. I think that the crybaby is best to my taste, but that is subjective. Maybe someone likes the Vox better...
  6. i cant find any good quality videos of the 24th, where did you get yours?
  7. I use Herco heavy gauge nylon picks ( flex 75), and i love them! They never wear out!
  8. I was looking for some pickups that resembled Jimmy's the other day, and i heard that seymour duncan's customshop made them. They tell me they cost 300 for both neck and bridge position. I was wondering if anyone had them, and if they were any good. Oh ,yeah! Which wah wah pedal do you guys recommend? i've been thinking of the vox v847.
  9. Well, On Acoustic: Bron yr aur Stomp/ Black Country Woman White Summer/ Black Mountainside And on Electric: I love to play the Heartbreaker solo The Lemon Song & Moby Dick And all the rest of Zeppelin's songs, are played less frequently as these.
  10. I was wondering if this ssong was ever played live in the zeppelin era. I know that its played by page and plant, but not sure if ever played by zeppelin. When & where please.
  11. 10... and all the rest of led zep's songs follow after that.
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