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  1. Very nice, I like it a lot. Weren't you the one who asked for a picture of Jimmy with a double-neck but didn't want to picture to pink? Lol, looks like Jimmy has a black les paul once again!
  2. can watch your garden grow

  3. If so, whats its name? What I have around here (Sarasota, Florida) is 102.5 The Bone. Its awesome. But they have a Crazy Train addiction though....or maybe i tune in the station at the wrong moments?..
  4. Lunacy, I think I have a video of her (present time). Im guessing its her. The video has her name, and led zeppelin are apart of the 'Related Videos'. I think there's a resemblance
  5. I want to touch the skin on Bob Saget's knees...
  6. Jimmy's High E (In the zeppelin days) was a .08 gauge. He actually bought a .09 pack but restrung the pack so that the high E (in the .09 package) was in the B string position. So every string was moved up so he could put the Bango .08 string on.
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