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  1. gdog4

    Any time now.....

    Ah, now I'm glad I came back to this forum and got a dose of 'reality'. The news stories got me excited...ah, now back to earth...
  2. ITTOD is kind of a 'go to' album for me...it's Led Zep 'soft' but it's still got some killer cuts. The remastered drum sound is AMAZING. The full, rich sound of Bonzo's drumming is really on display here. The crispness of his snare in All of My Love is beautiful, and it seems like all instruments 'breathe' a little more on this remaster. Overall this is the best sounding of the original albums in my opinion.
  3. I noticed the picture of the sax players too, thanks for the clarification!
  4. Agreed, solid, clear sound! Exciting day to be a Zep Fan!
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