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  1. gdog4

    Any time now.....

    Ah, now I'm glad I came back to this forum and got a dose of 'reality'. The news stories got me excited...ah, now back to earth...
  2. ITTOD is kind of a 'go to' album for me...it's Led Zep 'soft' but it's still got some killer cuts. The remastered drum sound is AMAZING. The full, rich sound of Bonzo's drumming is really on display here. The crispness of his snare in All of My Love is beautiful, and it seems like all instruments 'breathe' a little more on this remaster. Overall this is the best sounding of the original albums in my opinion.
  3. Yeah, and it's only $139 on the Official Merchandise site (via FanFire)...what up with that?!?!?!
  4. Any word as to why these haven't dropped in price since they were announced? The previous 6 inched down towards $115 a few weeks after they were announced...hmm.
  5. Beautiful Pujols...my Super Deluxe just came today, which is awesome since I took the Free Shipping option from Amazon...of course I'm at work...eh, I'll be jamming tonight!
  6. Yeah, I only got HOTH Deluxe (IV box set is going to be an Xmas gift)...and when I looked in the ads on Sunday I noticed the release date was moved up to the 27th. I'm assuming this was to coincide with the Taylor Swift release (my daughter is a huge Taylor fan) which was released on the 27th. I'm only speculating...lots of moms/dads bringing in their daughters to get the TSwizzle CD, so why not take advantage of the additional traffic and put the Zep albums out too!
  7. Is it me, or does LaLa have a tinge of Carouselambra to it?
  8. The "others"... I've been listening non-stop since Tuesday morning...wow! The sound is touched up in all the right places, looking forward to ZOSO!
  9. I noticed the picture of the sax players too, thanks for the clarification!
  10. Agreed, solid, clear sound! Exciting day to be a Zep Fan!
  11. Like Pujols, I didn't realize that LZ III would have the pinwheel cover...AWESOME!! Makes the buying experience even that much better. Someone, on some thread, complained about the booklets in the Deluxe CD Editions, but I rather much enjoyed the pictures! Went to my local Best Buy at 10:30 a.m. this morning (printed out the prices from Rakuten.com and they price matched them!) and noticed that all three displays had been picked from. Found my three copies (including the re-issue of Soundgarden's Superunknown, and The Super Duper Alice Cooper blu-ray) and I was off. Man, talk about a bunch of goodies to play with! Got into my car, opened up my copy of Led Zeppelin and BLASTED "Good Times, Bad Times". YES!!! Great day indeed, and the first of at least 3 days like this!
  12. Here in America, and am barely able to contain my excitement to get these re-issues! GTBT is my absolute fave song, so I will be blasting that out when I pick up the deluxe CD's tomorrow from my local Best Buy...gonna have to wait on the Super Deluxe Editions (just got married, and still paying off the wedding/honeymoon!). I made sure I could work from home tomorrow so I can run out at 10:00 a.m. to grab the new CD's. It's great to read that everyone is loving the new remasters! .
  13. gdog4

    new guitar world

    Nice, I'll be looking for this at my local supermarket magazine stand! Tolinski is great at pulling guitar stuff out of the best.
  14. Isn't the YouTube link from the "Official Led Zeppelin" YouTube account? That's where I first saw/heard the song.
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