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  1. I just re-found this pic from my birthday party last year: It just makes me laugh... This was the same party that I will always remember ending in the following way: my best-mate and I crashed out in the back living room, in the dark, with the stereo on loud listening to When the Levee Breaks. I was totally in the moment, just lying across the armchair, nodding my head with my eye shut. Good times
  2. Nah, I don't think it's ever too late. Do it when you want to I got my first one 2 weeks ago and am so glad I did: I hate needles and for years thought I'd never get one, then about 6 months ago I thought, "THAT'S what I want!" and just did it. Great way to show your love for something.
  3. The tagline for this thread made me properly laugh out loud... hard!
  4. Hmm tricky one...! One that springs to mind would be Jimmy Chamberline (Smashing Pumpkins).
  5. Me too! I also love, "Going to Chi-ca-goooooo...."
  6. All awesome but I went for Going to California... closely followed by WTLB. And Stairway.
  7. I voted for Since I've Been Loving You, but it was a total 'ermmmmm ok THAT one' choice! I love that song, but I also absolutely LOVE Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Going to California, That's The Way........ ok all of them.
  8. Thanks Deborah J! And agreed - that shirt is fab!
  9. Yeh agreed, it really would be boring if everyone I knew loved LZ... I think I have started to amuse my friends with it now!
  10. In My Time of Dying - love that song so much! The Rover and Kashmir would be close behind...
  11. I go play Guitar Hero and I really enjoy it when I do. I play real guitar too, but I'm pretty sucky at it! (So Guitar Hero makes me feel like the rock star I always wanted to be lol!) I would love to be able to play LZ songs on GH, but I'd hate to watch non-Zep fans screw them up... I do like the fact that I've discovered new music from GH, and also been reminded of golden stuff from my pre-teen and teen years too! No harm in it, unless you actually start thinking you really ARE Jimmy Page when you play...! My responses to the Qs: Do you enjoy playing either Rock Band or Guitar hero? -
  12. Serious fans: - one good friend who was the guy that got me into them - my best mate's mum Fans who aren't at my level of obsession: - dad - hubby - best mate
  13. At this point, I honestly don't have one. It's so tough as there are so many fantastic songs that are my absolute favourites on different albums! I went for IV - it's epic and it's the one that got me hooked in the first place.
  14. I voted Ramble On, because it's a fecking awesome song and I just love the lyrics. Thank You would be a VERY close second though...
  15. Such a tough poll! I went for LZ IV, but it could easily have been I or III or Phys Graf... tough one!
  16. 27... 28 in June A bit of an 'oldie' in terms of being a Zep newbie really! So, whilst I'm heading for late 20s, in terms of Zep discovery I'm a teen - they make me feel like one anyway. Gutted I'm too young to have seen them live though...
  17. Love these! Thanks for sharing guys
  18. Nice beetleron! Would be proud to stick any of them on my lapel
  19. Oh yeh - speaking of Johnny B. Goode, I'd have to include Back to the Future!
  20. Underneath the Sky - Oasis
  21. Z - Had a definitive answer to what Zoso means... (so stopped getting too caught up by it!)
  22. God, I just love this song. Pure and simple. That version above is epic too! I literally die and go to heaven every time I hear this song... wow.
  23. I really don't have a proper collection of LZ stuff (yet!), but I did get this done over Easter and thought it was a photo worth sharing:
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