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  1. I just re-found this pic from my birthday party last year: It just makes me laugh... This was the same party that I will always remember ending in the following way: my best-mate and I crashed out in the back living room, in the dark, with the stereo on loud listening to When the Levee Breaks. I was totally in the moment, just lying across the armchair, nodding my head with my eye shut. Good times
  2. Me too! I also love, "Going to Chi-ca-goooooo...."
  3. All awesome but I went for Going to California... closely followed by WTLB. And Stairway.
  4. I voted for Since I've Been Loving You, but it was a total 'ermmmmm ok THAT one' choice! I love that song, but I also absolutely LOVE Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Going to California, That's The Way........ ok all of them.
  5. Thanks Deborah J! And agreed - that shirt is fab!
  6. In My Time of Dying - love that song so much! The Rover and Kashmir would be close behind...
  7. Nice beetleron! Would be proud to stick any of them on my lapel
  8. Underneath the Sky - Oasis
  9. I really don't have a proper collection of LZ stuff (yet!), but I did get this done over Easter and thought it was a photo worth sharing:
  10. Nope. HYE had text sex (a la John Terry)?
  11. Ah go on then... this was at a friend's wedding in the summer, lol:
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