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    Led Zeppelin, What else?
  1. yeah, i imagine Led Zepp on tour on those times in South America... Argentina and Chile with militars... here in México with scandal and devaluation (like Queen in 1981) and other countries like Brazil or Venezuela....
  2. As far as i know DBTS was composed or at least the basic track in early 70's, and Led Zep was start to refining that song to the final form that we have all heard and love. you should hear this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiEAuh2hDak
  3. I think Led Zeppelin II. why? Because that album put out the "Canon" sound of what we know as Led Zep, and also was recorded in difficult conditions, cheap studios, while they were on the road, and record and album in those circumnstances is difficult to imagine how well they sounded despite the fact of being heavy touring on those times. Also they have tremendous songs like WLL, HB, TLS, TY, LLM and BITOH. i think this album paved the way to all the LZ greatness
  4. Look at these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-3c8EcZFzU it seems not to be "sloppy".
  5. What i read for the Billy James book is that PG threat Terry Knight, the GFR manager and said to him that if it repeats again (the great GFR show) he will punch in the face. GFR actually opened to LZ in two shows.
  6. i have some boots but i stopped seeing after them because of the File Sharing options that we have right now. (and no to keep enrich those japan companies). i have the Destroyer box set brand new, (no open). and the Through the years set. quite rare by now
  7. Me neither, but there's plenty of shows of those years that you can grab and listen to them, i share a link of one of those and some of them in great quality. Careful have some variations for example compare the 1969 Ummagumma version to the 1971 Pompeii version. i have as many PF shows as LZ shows and sometimes i wonder who played most concerts in the 1970's decade. one of the finest shows that i have heard is from the Japan tour 1971 (PF)
  8. I agree with Strider the most of the statement that he put, but i disagree in part with the examples of Pink Floyd, until 1972 their shows were highly improvisatory of the studio songs or songs that were recorded, for example Careful with That Axe.. it´s a very good song and with much improvisation, and another example is Atom Heart Mother, formely The Rice Pudding also with a lot of improvisation and atmosphere, one last example is Echoes, formely know as Return of The Son of Nothing that in the Cincinnati Show was almost 30 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynK0rxHGEKk when
  9. Millard, great person.... one of the best recorded concerts of LZ San Diego 75 and LA 77... that reminds me of Artie (RIP) Aka Freezer, i have some time ago and argument with him.
  10. Great show i have it in my IPOd when i go to work
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