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  1. yeah, i imagine Led Zepp on tour on those times in South America... Argentina and Chile with militars... here in México with scandal and devaluation (like Queen in 1981) and other countries like Brazil or Venezuela....
  2. As far as i know DBTS was composed or at least the basic track in early 70's, and Led Zep was start to refining that song to the final form that we have all heard and love. you should hear this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiEAuh2hDak
  3. Look at these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-3c8EcZFzU it seems not to be "sloppy".
  4. Millard, great person.... one of the best recorded concerts of LZ San Diego 75 and LA 77... that reminds me of Artie (RIP) Aka Freezer, i have some time ago and argument with him.
  5. i have heard about Cleveland 4/28/77, Achilles Last Stand at it was a very good performance of that song.
  6. I read the document, my opinion from the legal point of view, is that the infrigement of copyright, will make no mood to judge that they are equal according to Randy's attorney, also no evidence from the point of view musical or make a direct comparison of notes and arpeggios, dedicated only to say they are equal with subjective arguments, devoid of any probative value. also talks as if the whole song are of the copyright infrigement, when only it comes to chords, arpeggios which are public domain BTW. from an advertising point of view, it is a masterstroke to LZ, as in the popular imagination will stay that Zepp "stole" the initial part of Taurus, although the plaintiff itself is inappropriate and void. i insist, if the attorney do not demostrate to the jury from a musical point of view, that "Taurus" and "STW" are similar, the plaintiff is going to be dissmised.
  7. i have the deluxe cd. it's a very good one, i am enjoying it. but i have a question, On the live material i am hearing the guitar too far, specially compared to the bootleg version. It's like "buried in the mix". do you have the same feeling?
  8. And i like Spirit a lot but fortunately their music and the way the think are in my book, diferent things.
  9. Exactly and furthermore, Why Randy did not sued LZ in 1971?? why they (Spirit) and Randy did not sued in 1993 with the Marino remasters? why they wait until 2014 and the rerelease of the album? the answer is MONEY nothing more and nothing less, shame on you Mark Andes and Co.!!!
  10. Bienvenido mi estimado

  11. Hi Steve i have one question. Do you know if Led Zep and Black Sabbath jammed together and when it was? Also if there's recording of these sessions? Thanks
  12. 'i'll ask if we can be friends ans take his phone number to talk
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