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  1. Maybe Robert would finally be prepared to agree to the reunion if Jimmy would agree to play fucked up versions of all the classics. Bossa nova this time, perhaps?
  2. Things That Have Come Close, in chronological order: Judas Priest (up to Killing Machine) Diamond Head in the early 80s (check out Knight of the Swords, Borrowed Time and To the Devil His Due. I'd argue that these particular songs are BETTER than LZ) The Cult - various things, but especially Sonic Temple, and parts of Ceremony and Love Last but not least: MOTHER LOVE BONE. Don't let the fact that they descended into the mumbling & unbearably worthy Pearl Jam put you off. 'Apple' is the best funky, groove-rock album since Physical Graffiti. FACT!
  3. Yes, I've often wished there were more active users with a SENSE OF HUMOUR HYE burned your hand so badly you had to have it dressed & bandaged, so that you had to learn to wipe your ass with your other hand?
  4. If you're referring to my post, I didn't say 'it wouldn't have been any good if Plant wasn't on it'. In fact, I didn't even say it was any good WITH Plant on it.
  5. What's wrong with side 2?!? Ok, Superstitious is a little lame, but the rest is a Bloody Hammer Fest! I like a relaxed sing-along sometimes. Joe's Garage Act 1 is always good for a laugh. "It looks just like a Telefunken U-47"...
  6. No. And neither have you. Here's what really happened: you're still tripping from the day before yesterday. You think it's tomorrow, but it's not even yesterday yet. When you wake up tomorrow, all the mushrooms will be gone. HYE handed a load of Bingo Moms their own asses on a plate over on the Pre/Post Zep forum?
  7. That's pretty good for a first gig - well done! It's not an easy song to play. I liked the drummer coming in early during the interlude. My advice would be for the singer to tackle the higher parts in a register he's more comfortable with. Plant was a hell of a singer in those days, not easy to copy, and anyway you shouldn't be trying to copy things exactly. Can we have Dancing Days next, please?
  8. Tripmender


    When I was 6, my 7 month-old brother died after slipping off his bathinette onto his head. Soon afterwards, and as a direct consequence, my parents split up, my mother and I returned to England from the USA, and I had very little contact with my father after that. At the time, this 'quadruple whammy' was quite upsetting, but I don't think one fully appreciates the enormity of the impact of events such as these until much later in life. Often, it's not the death itself but rather the repercussions which cause the more persistent distress. I wonder whether this could be the cause of my l
  9. Although it doesn't really bear thinking about, they were an Item, apparently Scott didn't look like a hippy - not at the time, anyway. He was probably a plastic bandwagon-jumper, though I stand to be corrected.
  10. Yeah. How many RP fans who extol the virtues of Raising Sand would previously have spent a significant amount of time listening to and GENUINELY enjoying this kind of music? That's right - about three. They only like it because it's RP. I reckon if he recorded himself farting in a biscuit tin, the same people would be declaring it a work of genius. It is of course RP's prerogative to record this or any other music he chooses. Equally, it is our prerogative to judge it somnolent sap.
  11. Haha, that's outstanding! Must've taken ages to do that. Dig JP's clothes - cooler than the real gig
  12. I'd forgotten about this, but when we went to Legoland again this weekend, I saw the Lego 'Busker Bunny' playing a variety of top tunes, including the intro to Stairway.
  13. Kind of. Saw Loose Windscreen at Wembley in 85, so impressed we went back the next day for scalp tickets. No luck. About to leave when we heard a big cheer - they'd broken down a turnstile. So we ran like fuck and got in for free HYE driven a car wearing binoculars?
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