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  1. Yes, I've often wished there were more active users with a SENSE OF HUMOUR HYE burned your hand so badly you had to have it dressed & bandaged, so that you had to learn to wipe your ass with your other hand?
  2. No. And neither have you. Here's what really happened: you're still tripping from the day before yesterday. You think it's tomorrow, but it's not even yesterday yet. When you wake up tomorrow, all the mushrooms will be gone. HYE handed a load of Bingo Moms their own asses on a plate over on the Pre/Post Zep forum?
  3. Haha, that's outstanding! Must've taken ages to do that. Dig JP's clothes - cooler than the real gig
  4. I'd forgotten about this, but when we went to Legoland again this weekend, I saw the Lego 'Busker Bunny' playing a variety of top tunes, including the intro to Stairway.
  5. Kind of. Saw Loose Windscreen at Wembley in 85, so impressed we went back the next day for scalp tickets. No luck. About to leave when we heard a big cheer - they'd broken down a turnstile. So we ran like fuck and got in for free HYE driven a car wearing binoculars?
  6. Yeah. One of my ex-gfs did it at a Motorhead gig. There was no reaction from the band. My tits were bigger than hers. Lemmy probably thought she was a guy. HYE seen VH with DLR pre-S*m*y H*g*r ?
  7. Saw Diamond Head 3 times in 1982 (original lineup - 2 very small club gigs, one at Hammersmith Odeon), once in 1983 (Canterbury tour, Hammersmith), and then summer 84 at the Marquee, just before they split. Yes, been bored many times. Magnum was probably the worst. We only went for the support (Kingdom Come). HYE fallen asleep at a gig?
  8. Yes - 1985, 1986, 1988, 1991 HYE seen Diamond Head live?
  9. VH. Aladdin Sane or Diamond Dogs?
  10. Gusset (I was actually replying to 'mud-wrestling', but this will do for 'dirty' too I suppose
  11. Aerosmith. The 'Live Bootleg' version. The Crunge or Royal Orleans?
  12. The Priest! Dead Skin Mask or Altar of Sacrifice?
  13. Yes, tore a calf muscle serving at tennis. It just went bang, felt like I'd hit it with the racket Had to drive to France a week later & walk round Disneyworld for 2 days. It was healing just fine until the rickety rope bridge in Pirates of the Caribean Ever listened to 'Ra: Overture' by Todd Rundgren's Utopia whilst watching the sun rise over the Mekhong River?
  14. CD. Root beer or cream soda?
  15. I preferred the interview I used to have 'Into the Pandemonium'. My god, that band sucked.
  16. Not trying to steal Steve's thunder here, but I'd guess it was a combination of (1) physical deterioration and (2) modernisation/streamlining of the set. After all, Moby Dick/Over the Top often lasted longer than certain punk bands' entire sets. I for one was pleasantly surprised that there was no drum solo at Knebworth. I'd take 4 or 5 extra 'proper' songs over a Bonzo snore-athon anytime. Sorry, Bonzo.
  17. I think I've got the same version Coxneil's referring to. The labels say 'Demo copy not for sale', as well as 'DRGM505' and 'DRGM Enterprises Ltd'. I've seen this advertised for £200, but that was quite a while ago and personally I can't understand why anyone would pay anything like that in these days of free, sonically superior downloads.
  18. That's one helluva pearl necklace Barack's come up with! Looks like he's double-barrelled her!
  19. Chick 2nd left looks like Tom Araya
  20. 1: Black Mountainside 2: Moby Dick 3: Hats Off 4: Four Sticks HOTH: Crunge PG: Black Country Woman Presence: Hots On For Nowhere ITTOD: Tough one. So many stinkers to choose from......Carouselambra, closely followed by Fool in the Rain
  21. No. Ever cut yourself and seen your blood on acid?
  22. Hur hur, I remember Goofy Grape too Awesome stuff. Purple grape juice (or flavour) was very unusual in the UK until quite recently. But to me, it will always be the quintessential taste of America - along with Hawaiian Punch, proper corn chips (not those tortilla-style abominations), and Reece's Peanut Cups.
  23. Ha! Just found a UK site selling it in small cans, about $1.50 a can . But if it's the real deal, I'll get some Poindexter, I don't know how old you are, but does it still taste the same?
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