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  1. what are you getting at? private shows were performed? by the way...whats happen'n brother steve?
  2. Bonham..."Red liner" think of the dragster from TSRTS
  3. out on the tiles baby

  4. invisioning the band coming back with a bang
  5. Steve...we got to get these guys to come back...F a replacement for Robert. They are who they are. Love you brother by the way...the new improvements on the site rocks
  6. getting asked out on a date... ohh and getting booked for speeding and watching vapor trails
  7. watching Jenson button become victorious at the Monaco G/P and watch the planes fly
  8. well...you ladies seemed to have won the battle. Ninelives...if your tuning in...My appologies...honestly. at least i had everyone reunited for a group hug. my job is done Vote for Buzz Aldrin as NASA's new Administrator!!! http://obamanasa.uservoice.com/pages/gener...225-buzz-aldrin
  9. lol all along i was thinking ninelives was a male
  10. Ninelives is another phony!!! thought i'd add it to the scenario now...wat a sec...Atheist don't believe in a creator? don't believe in life after death? then why do they chose to continue on living? do they believe in magic? like they type where... Do Atheist enjoy observing and giving prayers to the stars? James Randi, is he considered to be atheist?
  11. intense msg through out the song...now...who told who where to go and why on an April morning? Also, how do you know the way? I don't know though. I think that guitar was purposely crying
  12. Renegade...A nice Sunday evening special
  13. i don't know if i got it...but what i can tell you is that i became sick on the 23rd and the next day it was all over the news....My symptoms were inflamed joint pain...heavy fever and the sweats after waking up(My brain felt under attack )...lots of flem (could be from going two weeks without smoking)...chest pain if i breath heavy. I do seem to be getting better...slowly though all i can tell you people is that it is the time of the season...warm weather is arising. if i may suggest some ibuprofen liquid gels every 4 hours...earl grey tea...and some Mr.noodles(Totally kick ass)
  14. lol...I just wanted to piss off Mr. know it all.
  15. Fearless is a zeppelin knock off
  16. Meddle is a tragedy compared to dark side, the wall, wish you were here San Tropez is a beatles knock off Seamus was a "crossroads" knock off
  17. Not at all over rated... A phenomenal band just for their lyrics alone. Also, the studio work is incredible...The ideas they came up with were out of this world back then and still are now. There is a Reason why Dark Side of the Moon is called Dark Side of the Moon...you got to find that one out yourself.
  18. dark clouds and rain here and there...probably the storm system coming up from texas...a couple of days now with out sun...Shit, you can see what effect a couple of days with out Vitamins from sun rays puts on the people.
  19. Kings of Leon I just arrived back home from there show and let me tell you. These guys were amazing...They Had there own sound and carried on the show as if they were Led Zeppelin. They grooved...honestly. A beautiful show...Put it this way...they played the right songs at the right time
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