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  1. what are you getting at? private shows were performed? by the way...whats happen'n brother steve?
  2. This is sad. When i first heard about this on the radio it made me want to go desecrate a les paul and pray the god's of ludwig for forgiveness. I don't know how someone's letting her get away with this nonsense. Not that i really care, cause i'd like to cover a Zep song one day...but in a fucking rock band. I just can't imagine what she's going to turn the song into. Well, i can and it dosn't seem to wanna fly. Zeppelin has to start touring...fuck man. Who gives a shit if the whole concert is done in a lower key.
  3. this jim page guy got a nose job so he can look like John Lennon
  4. whats this guy requesting? No quarter? lol "Close the door, turn out the lights" would fit in wonderfully with a show based the supernatural. lol taking the path where no one go's. ehhh...if you ever get to the opportunity to talk with the commander...ask him...who's the band refering to when they give us the line "They ask no quarter".
  5. im a couple of day late...but man...the 25th of this month was one the most wild and craziest day of my life. he's always with us and forever will be. I bet you any money that he's just wait'n for a challenge where ever he is
  6. everyone's got to get the new Pearl Jam album!!!
  7. they roast'n pecans yet down in Georgia?
  8. lol Oprah And all you need next is questions being asked about Mr.Crowley. How did he really die? did he really kill his doctor? lol
  9. Fiction... Jimmy was caught walking around stage with a "hard on" last week in Ethiopia.
  10. whats so special about Montreal? Zeppelin just cant get enough of the frog legs?
  11. please tell me you bought "prljam's" new album. Backspacer...if you don't got it...get it. and... maybe they didn't like Toronto. I heard from a bunch of elders that the show at MLG's didn't go so well
  12. Bonham..."Red liner" think of the dragster from TSRTS
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