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  1. I am playing with getting creative on promo information. Here are some unrelated blurbs I am trying to use to convey what I think makes this a band a venue should hire. I could use some help on this. Description We play good, solid rock going all the way back to Little Richard, and all the way up to current music, but we're not one of those confused bands. Our set lists have COHESION, and we only do songs that ROCK. We have four dynamic vocalists, and that means tight harmony, and a variety of lead vocals. We have a top notch sound system that will ensure you hear a nice clea
  2. OK, I didn't know who most of these fuckers were. I gave good ratings to Plant, Stevie Nicks, Dylan, and Leonard Cohen, and then I got bored.
  3. So as not to pollute the forum, I have decided to consolidate all Dirty Lixx related things to this thread. If moderators wish to move it to a better subforum, I won't mind, as long as someone tells me where it should be. Here is a Lou Reed classic I felt a need to share. It's not very Zeppelinesque: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uuq8Rv9qaeU
  4. 10) Down by the Seaside 9) That's the Way 8) Darlene 7) The Lemon Song 6) Nobody's Fault but Mine 5) The Rain Song (from SRTS) 4) Four Sticks 3) The Crunge 2) Wearing and Tearing 1) The Rover
  5. So the new thing is this: SRTS Dazed and Confused, shortened up quite a bit. Intro a few bars shorter; all vocal parts just like that version; shortened jam with guitar and rythymn section call and response; bow section shortened up a bit; guitar and vocal call and response; same vocal section as live; ending similar to studio version STRAIGHT into "Communication Breakdown," down similar to the studio version. Running time: about 10 minutes total. I will post when someone gets good video of it, but sometimes this takes a bit. We are trying it the first time in front of an audience
  6. Oh, and a quick post script: You can't talk about the best guitarists ever without mentioning the names of Chet Atkins, Roy Clark and Buck Owens. Those guys are incredible.
  7. Some great posts on this thread. Jimi Hendrix will always be, hands down, my favorite guitar player. He was the best; the very best. Not the technical best. Not the songwriting best. Not the soul best. Just the best, overall. For ME. Not for you, or someone else, maybe. But he is the best because he MOVED me the best. He really said something, musically speaking. And he created his body of work in only a few, all too short years. What he could have done, had he lived, is unimaginable. Never once did he THINK he was the best. He would've talked about Albert King, or some of the ot
  8. Probably too obvious an answer, but The Song Remains the Same version will always be my favorite.
  9. Hippies always liked Led Zeppelin. So did non-hippies. Zeppelin is a transcendent band. And no matter what band you are talking about, someone always says they are "overrated," and "they suck." I mean, they say that about the freakin' BEATLES, for God's sake. And sometimes JIMI HENDRIX!!!!!!
  10. Well, I'm not sure what the timing issues are on "Whole Lotta Love," but in the next clip I'm going to share, you can see me looking at the drummer a couple of times, and you can hear why. We have been a band for all of seven months, and as I mentioned, we're just a bar cover band. None of us have dreams of fame, other than our young guitar player, who has as many years in front of him as I have behind me. Here's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" from Vinnie's last February, with Arthur on vocals, and me on guitar. The camera work is not that great, and some funny things happen on the soundtrack h
  11. Not quite as impressive, but one I did awhile back...
  12. Wow. That's just plain amazing.
  13. Someone would always shout, "Jimmy Page is GOD!"
  14. I have to point out that the bass player, (and often lead singer,) is a lady.
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