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  1. Magic, I understand how someone could question their policy on multiple purchases however I'm very fortunate to have been able to purchase multiple copies of this awesome book. Only upon my demise will I ever part with these books and I'm sure at least one of them will be buried with me. The second will go to my nephew to carry on the legacy of Led Zeppelin thoughout the remainder of this century and I certainly hope it becomes a valued family heirloom some day. Cheers, Matt
  2. Patience everyone....the wait is well worth it, trust me. Cheers, Matt
  3. Thanks for the link. Very awesome to hear Jimmy & Robert speak. Cheers, Matt
  4. This fellow Canadian was there too! Best night of my life.....a truly remarkable occasion. After 30 years of hoping and wishing my dreams came true on 12/10/2007.
  5. What were the boys doing on November 22nd, 1969? That is my birthday. I'd love to know. Cheers, Matt
  6. Dandu, I'm glad to hear you received your book. I totally agree that this book is absolutely fantastic in every way possible. The fact you are actually in the book is totally unbelieveable. I enjoyed Zeppelin at the O2 as well but I'm not in the book...that's incredible. Thanks for the photo's. We're certainly all very fortunate to have received copies. Cheers, Matt
  7. rlions, Very well captured. Excluding certain situational differences (ie. seat location) the experiences you mentioned of this magnificient event are forever burned upon my memory. They will definitely live with me until my final days. The actual reality of personally witnessing this momentous occasion, among other things, marks an absolute, and somewhat surreal, hallmark in my life. Every day I find myself reaching/searching for opportunities to extend this experience and keep the memories fresh in my mind. Long live 12/10/2007 Cheers, Matt
  8. Steve, Thanks for the post. Rick, Very well said, indeed. This book and the quality of its every detail is absolutely fantastic in every way. Very Jimmy Page and absolutely perfect like the perfectionist himself. I very much agree that it 's very important to cherish the whole process of receiving this special work of art. I also concur that this book is much better witnessed in person and a simple photograph could never do justice to such a fantastic piece and its incredible contents. I can only hope everyone enjoyed my initial photos as much as they enjoy your film clip. However one chooses to enjoy their experience with this fantastic work of art I truly hope that everyone enjoys this book in a manner that is as special to you as it was to me. Like the magical experience of witnessing the O2 reunion concert after 30+ years of hoping, receiving this book has made me cherish Jimmy Page, his will, and his total influence on my life even more than I could have imagined. I certainly look forward to enjoying this treasure well into the future, eventually passing along my books to my kin with the hope of extending the legacy of this great person and his accomplishments. Hope all is well. Cheers, Matt
  9. Led Zeppelin, Led Zep, Zep, Zeppelin.....

  10. VirusSnake, I think it's totally cool you're from Athens, Greece. Spent some time there and it was awesome. That's whats great about this site...mingling with Zep fanatics from all over the world....totally cool. As per your request here are some random photo's of the Jimmy Page book. Enjoy Cheers, Matt
  11. Stargroves, I spoke with Genesis about 2 weeks ago inquiring on my book #'s and at this time they told me there was an additional delay. At that time they mentioned the books would ship out in 2-3 weeks but they didn't have a tracking number at that time as it was too premature. They also told me the Deluxe Editions would definitely ship first. I was then just waiting for the books and when I got home yesterday there was a Fedex note on my door indicating they'd be back the following day to deliver the parcel. As such I contacted them and arranged to pick-up my books at the Fedex depot. I'm sure you'll have your book very soon. Cheers, Matt
  12. Magic, What was pretty cool was the whole package the book came in. The outside cover/box with Jimmy's picture on it that opened to find the book in the protective cloth bag is felt lined and very high quality . The cloth bag the book was in is also of very high quality. All in all the book and it's multiple protective covers are very high quality. Cheers, Matt
  13. Three more photo's to share...the quality and detail of this book is absolutely incredible. Oh and by the way...when you receive your copy there is a piece of clear, protective, celophane over Jimmy's face on the outside protective cover. Don't try to take this off as it's difficult to get back on. I started to take mine off before I realized I had better leave it on for protection purposes.....and its a pain in the ass to get back on. Cheers, Matt
  14. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This book is truly a work of art. Below are some initial pictures of my Deluxe Edition, Copy #108: Enjoy the photos...you're going to love the real thing. ...more to follow Cheers, Matt
  15. I'm pretty sure my books are now at the Fedex depot and I'm now leaving to go pick them up. I hope I don't crash on the way over 'cause I'm so freakin' excited I can hardly wait. I will post an update and hopefully a pic or two later tonight. Cheers, Matt
  16. Living here in Toronto I've seen The White, CODA & just recently JBLZE. Best I can say is JBLZE (obviously) which was pretty cool and good to see Jason playing Zeppelin again. He was awesome at the O2 show and did a great job again at the JBLZE performance. Just ordered my tickets for Zeppfest 2011 and I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the better U.S. tribute bands when I'm there. Hopefully meet lots of members from this forum too. Cheers, Matt
  17. VIrusSnake, No one ever said they received their books. If you've placed an order and care enough to know the status of your purchase you can simply contact Genesis Publishing, like I did on Friday, and if you ask, they will tell you what # publication you'll be receiving. I noticed other forum members indicating their book # and I too was puzzled so I called Genesis on Friday to find out....glad I did. In my conversation with Genesis they mentioned there is going to be another 2-3 week delay of the Deluxe Edition books, which are definitely going out first. The delay pertains to something with one of the pages and they need to be sent back to either Greece or Spain so they can take care of the issue. Don't quote me on the exact details but that was the gist of my conversation with them. This is no joke! Waiting patiently. Cheers, Matt
  18. Hecube, Oui they are both pour moi. When I was at the O2 show in London I was kicking myself for not purchasing more memorabilia/collectibles at the stand. One item I wish I had 2 of was the concert poster, of which I only bought one. As such when this opportunity presented itself I made sure to purchase 2 of these very special books. I'm somewhat of a collector of all things Zeppelin and I figured there woudn't be many more opportunities to purchase another, signed, original item like this so I made the decision pretty quickly when I was informed the book was available for sale. I hope eveyone enjoys their books when they finally arrive....I know I'll be enjoying mine. Cheers, Matt
  19. Deluxe Edition's #108 & 109 are coming my way to Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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