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  1. leaves are falling all around, it's time I was on my way...

  2. 1. Since I've Been Loving You 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 4. Kashmir 5. Black Dog 6. No Quarter 7. Achilles Last Stand 8. Ramble On 9. In The Evening 10. The Rain Song
  3. I was very unoriginal and voted Stairway To Heaven. I've played it about 1000 times, but I feel more and more emotions each time >_<" I think Black Dog and When The Levee Breaks are also two awesome songs
  4. The Rover. I think it's one of the songs which most captures the essence of Led Zeppelin...an amazing riff by Jimmy, Robert in top form, and a really powerful rythm section...yeah, one of their best songs ever in my opinion. Kashmir is close behind
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