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  1. Wow! Great pics…really, first time I'm seeing these! Roberts abs…????
  2. Just saw a commercial for J.G. Wentworth, the 877-get cash now commercial. Well, the people singing the commercial ditty were standing in what appeared to be windows of an old brownstone, with one person per window and they were all dressed as different characters. When they panned out to street level it was obvious that it was a take off of the PG cover.....very obvious! It was sort of like 'Wow, well look at that!' But....at the same time it made me sort of cringe. Would love to know if anyone else catches it and what they think.
  3. You mean to tell me that I've wasted 3 hours of my life watching this cra... and they already announced and gave out the awards for the two catagories that LZ was up for? Really? Well I can say, this is the first time I've watched the Grammy's in probably 15 years and it will definitely be my last. Done!
  4. Just saw this come across today! Robert Plant and Eric Clapton performing the same weekend!!!!!! Yay!!!! Will definitely be going!
  5. Hey San Francisco: Sorry you didn't get one last January....
  6. HI Pottedplant!!!! The Dome is safe from your wrath!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!
  7. That is so freaking cool!!!!!!! I want some Zeppelin beer! I'm going to be on the lookout for it! And of course....toast to John Henry Bonham!
  8. Oh yeah......forgot about the theft of Jimmy's guitar! Whoops! My memory's not as good as it used to be. Not that it ever was that good - LOL. Somebody has to have that guitar stashed somewhere.
  9. Yeah, never heard of those either.......enlighten us.
  10. They're making a movie about it........maybe this will answer all the questions....... http://www.fleecingledzeppelin.com/
  11. What????? Robert's tweeting????? Ok I really need to come out from under my rock, come to the forum more and learn how to use Twitter. I have an acct., but have never used it or tweeted because I really have never taken the time to learn. I need to get with the program.
  12. Happy Zepptember all!!!!! Celebrated yesterday by listening to "In My Time of Dying" full throttle on the home stereo.....it wrapped around me and encapsulated me and brought me to 'church'. Happy Zepptember indeed!!!!!!
  13. Thanks for posting that article pblaster. I enjoyed reading it. In fact, thanks for starting this discussion Rock Historian. I love that my favorite band has such a long entwined history in my favorite city and hometown. New Orleans definitely got into the bands blood......something that she is known to do to unsuspecting visitors. You can leave N.O., but she never leaves you. Had some old articles bookmarked about the band in New Orleans, but for the life of me I can't locate them now.....but, they were pretty much restating things that have already been covered. There is this one:
  14. Thanks for posting all of these great pics SuperDave! Especially from Paris! Love the one of Notre Dame lit up at night. So cool!!! Your Paris pics brought back great memories of when my husband and I were in Paris last summer. We even have one of those locks on the Pont des Arts bridge near the Louve. The story behind the locks is you write your names (you and your love) on the lock, lock it on the bridge, then throw the key in the Seine as a symbol of your undying love. And I had the best meal of my life in the Marais at of all places an Italian restaurant, Caruso Ristorante. I'll remember
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