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  1. Yer Blues was incredible...I just can't take Yoko's number, even with the violin trying to keep her somewhere around the key.
  2. The Yoko parts are truly un-listenable and an overwhelming tribute to the power of love to get the better of a man's sensibilities. There is really no other explanation for John Lennon agreeing to let her go on.
  3. Rainbow was my first concert, as a 10th grader in 1983. Blackmore was amazing. I remember "Jealous Lover" lasting like 20 minutes, his fingers blazing the whole song. I first got into Deep Purple about the same time, with "Deepest Purple." I went straight from there into the albums, with "Machine Head" being my favorite. I have the original quadraphonic mix on SACD...the mix is great, the sound quality so-so.
  4. "The Wall" had no laughs? That's either got to be him taking the piss, or he, well...he pretty much has to be taking the piss.
  5. I was huge into Rush, just before developing the taste for Led Zeppelin. Like many, I love all their studio stuff up through "Moving Pictures" then lost interest as they headed into their synth era. I too really like "All the World's a Stage" but also definitely got into their second live album, "Exit...Stage Left" from the "Moving Pictures" tour. For me, those two capture Rush excellently.
  6. This one is almost too heavy. It's my least favorite track on the record. It just drags a little for me.
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