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  1. "The Crunge" is amazing - it's also pretty clear the band liked that exploration of funk, considering that they perfomed it (via medley) throughout 1972-1975.

    That's exactly my point...that it is on the album because the band wanted it there. I used it as an example of something the suits at the record company might push back on, to illustrate the authority over the music that the band must have enjoyed by that time.

  2. With as much material as they had at this time, if any of the band members actively "hated" it then would it have made the cut on the album? I know Atlantic would have wanted some influence, but by the time of HOTH wouldn't the band have achieved the creative control to not put out something they hated? For god's sake, they got The Crunge on that album.

  3. Rainbow was my first concert, as a 10th grader in 1983. Blackmore was amazing. I remember "Jealous Lover" lasting like 20 minutes, his fingers blazing the whole song.

    I first got into Deep Purple about the same time, with "Deepest Purple." I went straight from there into the albums, with "Machine Head" being my favorite. I have the original quadraphonic mix on SACD...the mix is great, the sound quality so-so.

  4. Anybody who doesn't think David Gilmour is a great guitarist has no idea what it takes to make his guitar sound like it does, how difficult it is connect your playing with that many songs and communicate emotion within that framework, how tough it is to be original, how tough it is to play in front of thousands, or how difficult it is to stay relevant across decades. Of the millions of people who have attempted to learn the guitar, he is in the conversation of the top 5, 10, even if it's the top 100 ever...that's greatness by any definition.

  5. I'm sure that if they could have gotten a better sound, (technically), that they would have gone for it and it would still sound like the raunchy Stones that we know and love. I love what Don Was, I think it was, said in the new Rolling Stone: "Let It Bleed is easier to take". And Charlie seems to think the same as me about Micks new vocals on this, in that they sound like new vocals as opposed the way Mick sounded in 1971.

    For me, "Let It Bleed" is easier to take, and I think that's my point. This thing is raunchy, from beginning to end, from inside to outside...purely a product of that time and place and all the attitude, frustration, pressure, dust, etc. If they could have gotten a better sound in a more stable environment, my point is that the whole thing would have been significantly different and not just the polish of the finished product.

    That's why this remaster project is a tragedy. LEAVE IT THE WAY IT WAS. Of course Mick sounds different now, whoever thought this was a good idea is only in it to sell yet another version.

  6. I say organic to mean that the sound they were getting and the development of the songs were not mutually exclusive. These songs developed over days and weeks and there is no way that the record would have wound up as the finished product it was had it not been developed in the environment it was recorded in. There is just no way to separate the two. The grit in the songs is in some measure a result of the grit in the recording process and environment.

  7. I'd say the biggest change in their approach was that they just moved to France for tax reasons and were having a hard time finding a good studio there. Part of what makes the story behind the Exile phenomenon interesting is the problems they had in making it. That's what makes things interesting in the end.

    I don't think it's that easy...it's not like they had all the songs ready and were looking for a studio and were stuck with the sound. It all happened organically, they wrote and developed the songs as they were recording them in Keith's basement in France. It's too intertwined, the sound affected the development of the songs. The atomsphere of the album is the sum total of all.

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