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  1. Hello Annam, here is Flowerstone's homepage https://sites.google.com/site/flowerstone68/ , it shows them playing Stairway to heaven, No quarter and Moby dick, and there are some links to their Facebook, twitter and something else. I think that Jason could certainly bank on them, tell us what you think about them, most of all if you see them live in Rome. bye
  2. I've seen Flowerstone two times, 2009 july and august, the public was evry time made of great Led Zeppelin fans, and evrybody was jumping and singing, and they look very "zepy" even with their own dresses. - to Annam: if I can, I will go to Jason's show whoever he plays with, I'm sure he will choose good musicians!
  3. ciao FlowerStone! vi ho visti nel 2009 al Kursaal di Palermo e all'anfiteatro di Terrasini, FENOMENALI!!! Sono felice di trovarvi qui - p.s. il link di Moby dick non funziona
  4. Thank you, Deborah j, I can't find them on the forum, did someone post this Stairway To Heaven? I hope yes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZsttOPasKA
  5. Hi all, I'm a newcomer, there's a band in Italy that's very good, they play two hours and half ONLY Led Zeppelin music; I've seen them two times during summer 2009 and it was a jump into the past... take a look, this is their english homepage https://sites.google.com/site/flowerstone68/ with Stairway, No Quarter and Moby Dick, and they have also played with Ian Paice and Glenn Hughes http://mile-stone.it//content/view/42/53/ I think it's very interesting, the most precise interpretation I've ever heard
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