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  1. @ STEVE......... Cheers mate......... all the Best
  2. It's NEW....... in it's Box, & Un-opened.........
  3. SD............ I didn't post this for people to see whar "Ross" had to say......... I posted this, for Jimmy & Zep fans to know what Jimmy had been up to...... Thats all.......... All the best, Hang-man
  4. I just received my copy of this V Rare book........ Only 60 of these WRITERS EDITION produced........... just wanted to share this link to those who haven't seen or known about this Publication... http://www.genesis-publications.com/News/Sojourner-The-Writers-Edition/1404 Sojourner - The Writers Edition SOJOURNER The Writers EditionA tailor made collection of only 60 books, we are proud to announce SOJOURNER The Writers Edition. This special issue of the much sought-after book is signed by all five of its contributing writers, Ross Halfin, Pete Makowski, Jimmy Page, Brad Tolinski and Baron Wolman. Hand bound in Italy, in black fine grain leather, the 60 books are to be presented in a floral Japanese folding case. They are each accompanied by an artist signed Giclée print - a photograph taken during Ross's travels in Japan (10"x8" print on Photo Rag paper). Proceeds are being donated to the Japan Society's Japan Earthquake Appeal Fund supporting victims of the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean earthquake, and longer term recovery and reconstruction. SOJOURNER The Writers Edition, is strictly limited to only 60 copies worldwide (each book numbered from one to sixty in Roman numerals) available for £595, plus shipping. Click here to view more... To secure a copy of this rare book (one book per order) please contact David Williams for availability. Telephone +44 (0) 1483 540970 Email david@genesis-publications.com Reader Update - 21 Apr 2011 SOJOURNER The Writers Edition is now sold out. A limited number of Deluxe copies remain available. To secure a copy today please contact Genesis or buy online using the links below. Above Right: Jimmy Page, Ross Halfin & Baron Wolman Right: SOJOURNER The Writers Edition
  5. Hey-Up... To the "Quiet-Man"...... All the best "Jonesy"........ & Thank You for the Music. As ONE Quarter of the BEST Four-Piece to WALK the Earth............. I Salute You. All the Best, Hang-man...
  6. Hang-man

    Page & Plant

    Hey-Up, I'm just looking at this Pic, I took of Robert, with a "Ring of Light..... a Halo" ??? As I sit here on Christmas day, 2010.......listening to "No Quarter" it has really "Hit Me" just HOW GOOD Led Zeppelin are, What they mean, to ALL that have Listened, Watched, & Re-Played......... Th Miracle of Christmas is All around us........ the Miracle of Music, has given us No-Quarter... It Gave us Believer's Led Zeppelin... Happy Christmas to ALL, & to 2011.... Hang-man....
  7. Hey-Up ***Robert Plant Alert*** Hi to you all, & to ALL over you who are like me, in Favour of a little bit of "Post-ZEP". Here in the UK, tonight 8pm (Our time) on BBC Radio 2, Robert has done something called.......Live & @ the Electric Proms"........ What this is, is another way for Robert to promote his "New Album, (Band of Joy)". As Robert does at any given opportunity.......Bless Him. Anyway.... For those outside the UK, if you.........Pause, Robert & B of J, are doing a Revamped Version of "Rock n Roll", & it's Bloody Marvellous.....anyway back to...... If you go to your PC, & type in BBC Radio 2 (UK) & look around for Fri 29th 8pm, Robert Plant You might find some directions to this show. Also, you can try "Youtube" & the other thing is, Next week, 4th or 5th, look out for BBC Television, because they are going to Televise this show, so again try "Youtube", or go to your PC & type in, BBC2 UK, & look around for Fri 5th Night, & you should get Directions for where to view, this Robert & the Band, in all it's Glory. For those who are reading this, & have not heard it yet............Your in for a Treat. Last thing, if you search the BBC (UK) Archives, you'll find this, & a "Whole Lot More". Long Live Led Zeppelin, & for those Members that have passed.....Thank You. All the Best Hang-man
  8. Hey-Up, I agree, nothing wrong with "Chad" or Nickleback liking/loving Led Zeppelin. I must say that "Nickleback" are probably the Best ......WOW, hold on, Nickleback are the Second Best Export out of Canada, as the First has to be, Miss/Ms/Mrs/?? Pamela Anderson, she really is the best thing to come out of the "Maple Leaf" country. All the best, Hang-man
  9. Hey-Up, The photo's that I posted were from Glasgow, 02/11/98. I didn't got to the 95 gig at the same Venue. There's a couple of Phots on this page, & I posted more Pic's on the "Photo's Page" on this site. I was almost on the Stage taking these, & it was SO GOOD, as a mere mortal like me, were in touching distance of these GREAT MEN, should say, ROCK GODS... Al the best Hang-man.
  10. Hey-Up, I've posted more pics from this gig on the Photo's page, a while a go, if there still there, then have a look, if not, I will post more pics from the gig later. The Gig was sold out, & I even managed to get a "Boot" of this gig on CD, I'm afraid to say, not on a DVD, as much as I've looked for one, I've yet to see it. All the best, Hang-man
  11. Hey-Up, I set a post up on this site called "Led Zeppelin Ink", if you look up the Tatt's on the "Photo's" page or just type in Zeppelin Ink or Tatt's" & you should see the post. Must say, that after I started the first one, another one popped up, so there are at least 2 sites on here. Not to worry, as you can then look at both sites, & probably have more Tatt's to look at, (as in the More the Better). The last time I looked on the post I put up, there were about 160 reply's so there's quiet a lot of "INK" out there, so go & Enjoy. Hang-man.
  12. Hang-man

    Robert's New Album

    Sorry All, Didn't see the Message below, So just ignore me. Cheers.
  13. Hang-man

    Robert's New Album

    Hey-Up all, Just got an e-mail from that "Rolling Stone Mag", & it's all about Robert's new Album. Link below, should take you to what it has to say!! RS@rollingstone.chtah.com If it's like any of his latter stuff, then were in for a treat, then again, Anything that the "God's Do" is a Treat. All the best, Hang-man
  14. Hey-Up, The reason that "Mr P Diddy, P Daddy, or P Duddy" or whatever his name is going to be the next time he change's it, was there to "Present" (Sir) Jimmy an award for the, "MoJo Hall Of Fame", which is excellent for him & even though there not mentioned, for Led Zeppelin in General. As for who ever said that "Sir Patrick Stewart" is Not worthy of a Knighthood & "Sir" Jimmy is, I & a lot of folk on here think that ALL living members of, Led Zeppelin ....... should be awarded the Knighthood they so thoroughly Deserve, & a couple of Posthumous awards for Bonzo, but Mr peter Grant, as all five them, wouldn't be who they are, without any of the others.......Yes!! All the best, Hang-man,
  15. Hey-Up Knebby, Thanks for the Heads up on this post... Just saw a clip on Sky News, & by all Accounts, "P Diddy" kept Sir Jimmy waiting, TWAT, how dare he?????? Anyway, just saw this clip below, thats off the MoJo site.......... According to BBC News, LED ZEPPELIN guitarist Jimmy Page has been inducted into the Mojo Hall Of Fame at the magazine's award ceremony. Page revealed he was working on new material with a number of different projects. He has been taken on by Robbie Williams' management company IE. "I'm just looking forward to making some music and surprising people with it," he said. "It won't be just teaming up with lots of people who are [big] names. I've got an idea of something which I've had for a long time and now's the time to do it." But he declined to give further details about his collaborators or his new direction. Lets just see who Jimmy teams up with this time, & hope that it's NOT Coverdale again!! All the best, Hang-man.
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