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  1. Hey-Up, I agree, nothing wrong with "Chad" or Nickleback liking/loving Led Zeppelin. I must say that "Nickleback" are probably the Best ......WOW, hold on, Nickleback are the Second Best Export out of Canada, as the First has to be, Miss/Ms/Mrs/?? Pamela Anderson, she really is the best thing to come out of the "Maple Leaf" country. All the best, Hang-man
  2. Hey-Up, Nice Tatt mate, as are alot of them on here, since I started this Post a couple of yrs ago. Tell me, is this picture of you the "Wrong Way Around", or is Jimmys Symbol (Zoso) the "Back to Front"??? I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but its just caught my eye?? I guess it looks OK to you, If you look in the Mirror, let us know. All the best, Hang-man
  3. Hey-Up, I bought "Presence" on my 11th birthday in 1977. I got it home, put it on the "Grammaphone"!!! Achilles was a track that I could not stop playing, way back then. Having it then played Live in front of me, on the second date of Knebworth, at the tender age of 13, I always love this Song. . As time's gone by, like alot of Followers on here & other Sites, we all have likes & Dis-likes, each to there own, hey?? Flying forward some 30yrs almost now, & close to the Anniversary to Knebworth, I have found/ or Unearthed a copy DVD of 04/08/79, Knebworth 1st gig, I was informed that apart from it being in 5.1 Dolby, & No Bleed Screen, so for a DVD that is reacthing its 30th birthday, i was told that I would "Piss my Pants" at the quality/sound/ & coverage of Pagey & Bonzo more than other copies, when I put it in the DVD player, Song list popped up, & Achilles was the first Track I chose to play.....At nearly Full Blast on a 42" plasma, WOW!!! what a why to start. Apart from reafferming what a Fu#=ing Excellent Song it is, i decided not to pluck out certain tracks, I had to watch from the start, over 3hours of Uninterupted "Pure Magic", faded memories started to flood back, & certainly replayed Achilles again & again. Presence is an Under-rated album, but not in my Book. Please look out for the DVD named "Past-Present- & Future", it really is a Diamond. All the best, Hang-man -
  4. Hey-Up "SJ-Honeydripper" Nice to see that you managed to show your "A@=#" sorry Tattoo again on here. When I first posted this Tatt Post on the site, I've seen a good response of loads of Ink-Work that some of the Zep fans have had done. After I put my Ink on here I saw that someone else about a year later had also started a "Tatt Post", so you might find your other lovely pics on there?? Since your not that far away from me, if you "PM" me, I might have a wonderful DVD for you, so either get in touch on here or Facebook, & we'll see how we get on. Chat later Honey, Hang-man
  5. Hey-Up, So pleased to see the Tattoo's that have been placed on here since I opened this topic way back. This is mine (Again) up here on the left, & to see it again in better glory go to the start of this topic & it should be a little larger. Having seen all the Ink, shows the respect we have for Led Zeppelin. However you dont need to have Ink to prove, but its just nice to see, keep it coming. All the best, Hang-man
  6. Hey-Up, All that said, & You ask..."So what else is there to do ?? ", A) Go & play side 3 of "Physical on 12" vynal, or I'm going to put on a copy of "Led Zep Live @ -- Whiskey A Go Go-LA, 05/01/1969" LOUD All the best, Hang-man
  7. Hey-Up, 101 & All, As you know, WE ALL, on here are Very passionate about WHY, we are on here......... Led Zeppelin "As you said, then said i wont Say.."Quote you" (Above),,, So I shall say "We are all gathering thoughts of "Who should do what, & who should re-place Who etc, BUT when it comes to Led Zeppelin", but one thing I find on here is that we are all entitled to what eachother thinks & respects, & thats what keeps us all adding our own "Posts" Yes??. My thought, along with many others is, "The Sporn of Thunder" (Jason) was the ONLY real person, who should Rightly take his Fathers place at the O2, as for the other 3 members, as Proved in there own Solo projects, have NEVER come under the name of "Led Zeppelin", if it be from "Sir" Jimmy with,"Death Wish II, The Firm, or Coverdale etc", JP Jones doing Albums/Soundtracks like "Scream through to Zooma & producing other bands like The Mission", or Robert "CBE" from doing "Burning Down One Side- through to Strange Sensation, or Alison Krauss etc", & the same now goes, that if Robert decides to give it up, being a Quarter of Led Zeppelin, then so be it, who ever/IF ever he is re-placed, it won't be Led Zeppelin, & it wouldn't if JP Jones gave it a wide berth, & I DREAD to think if Sir Jimmy wrapped it in, would it be Led Zeppelin then,?? I think not. This is because its not just any Rock band, "THIS IS LED ZEPPELIN" All our Led Zeppelin, & thats one of the reasons we love them . All the best, Hang-man
  8. Hey-Up, When Bonzo, PLANTed his Seed, Jason was the next best Living Drummer to fill his Fathers "Four Sticks " & Stool, Although Robert would have PLANTed his seed, in Many a dirERECTION, we don't see any of his "Off-Spring" aspire to the Microphone......., The Three of them said, Quote..Dec 1980... With the Sudden Death of our Beloved Friend John Bonham, we could not continue,etc"... But Jason did a Bloody Good Job, but on this some now coming up for what will be 29yrs since Bonzo has passed, No Robert CBE on the Microphone, then that is Im afraid is that, as it will not be Led Zeppelin, it would be three Musicians, & a Singer. But Long live Led Zeppelin. All the best, Hang-man
  9. Hey-Up, Lot of "Good-Lookers" out there , anyway here's MY BACK, sure a few have seen it, & IT does belong to me, don't know if you would want to see the front though ?? All the best, Hang-man
  10. Hey-Up, Send me a PM, with your e-mail address, i might be able to help you track the show down. All the best, Hang-man
  11. Hey-Up, "I Fought my way ouy of the Darkness", may ACTUALLY be called "As Long as i have You", BUT on the Recording that i have (Mixing Desk Recording) it is ACTUALLY called, "I Fought my way out of the Darkness", Unless You were there in NOV 1969, i beg to Differ, ACTUALLY.
  12. Hey-Up, Ive got a copy of "The Fillmore West- San Francisco, 8/11/69", & thats a "Quality Rating A, Mixing Desk Recording" with tracks inc : I fought my way ouy of the Darkness- Sittin & thinkin- Train kept a Roolin- How many more times- Also a copy of the "Opening of the Second USA tour, 24/4/69. Both are pretty good, & Nice to have. I shall dig about to see what else i can find from this era. Later, Hang-man.
  13. Hey-Up, Japan 71, got the same one, All the best, Hang-man
  14. Hey-Up, I got a "Russian" boot that has got "Zep IV & HOTH" as a Double Album. The front cover has a "Man with some Sticks (not like the Original) , by a Shed, with a Pipe in his mouth" AWFUL..... All the Best Hang-man
  15. Hey-Up Peter Grant will come & Get You, Beat You Up,He dosnt like "Bootleggers"........ all the Best Hang-man
  16. Hey Up, NICE...... Hang-man
  17. Hey-Up, That's Nice. What a lovely idea, & Song. Hang-man.
  18. Hey-Up, Nice one my Friend, the more the better. Hang-man.
  19. Hey-Up Alan, So where in Hull are you?? The Place that I'm on about is in good old Shitty Bridlington. If you Know Brid/Or if not, if you get here, & look fore the "Hilderthorpe Pub" near the Harbour top. Ask to speack to "Jan" top 100 Artists on the Planet. If you are going to get a Tatt, may be phone him(I dont have number, but i can post it tomorrow) & make a date, As he is VVVV Busy. Ps Get a good rate, if you mention my Zep Tatt, + Winter Rates. Good luck, Hang-man.
  20. Nice-one, now for the other Three.
  21. Hey-up, Thanks for that view, & i shall take it "On-board". I too saw the Sky lastnight, with those Colours, it was totally Gorgeous. So i think i will go with what you say,& get the Colours in the Clouds done. Once the "Festive" time is over, I shall get "Jan" to work on it, & hope to Post in the New Tear. All the best my Friend, Hang-man.
  22. Like-wise, good "Tatts. Hang-man
  23. Hang-man here Mate, If your in your UK, & not far from the East Coast of Yorkshire, the Chap that did my Tattoo on my back, is called "Jan" from "Idenities, or, Identity". He's now classed in the top 100 worldwide for Tatts, Good Tatts, Good Guy. Try Him.
  24. Hi, "With a Little Help From My Friend" Whyalla, a larger Photo of my back is now on this Page, so you can have a better look at the detail. Was thinking of a "shadow" of a Zeppelin, as in the cover of the "Re-Masters" what you think?? Hang-man.
  25. Whyalla, my friend, Thanks for Posting a bigger photo of my "Tatt" for folk to look for more detail. As i have said to people, im Pants on the Computer, but i aim to get better. Cheers, Hang-man.
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