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  1. Tal Wilkenfeld, at the age of 23, already has an impressive track record, including a tour with Chick Corea. Yes, the four-handed bass solo that developed into Freeway Jam was a highlight, as was the woman Jeff signed on stage after the encores. Although he now draws the state pension I hope he has many more years left in him to play live, and the next time he does - I'll be there. RB
  2. Good, or what? This bloke should be regarded as a national treasure. Last night's performance surpassed the one I saw five years ago in Portsmouth, plus the band he has now is something to behold. I was in row F (left side). Where were you? RB
  3. I first saw Robin Trower at The Fifteenth Jazz, Blues and Rock Festival (then, as now, referred to as The Reading Festival, UK,) in 1975. This was followed up by a gig at the Empire Pool, Wembley, London (now the Wembley Arena) the following year. I saw him last at Poole Arts Centre (now Lifehouse) in 1980. He was, on all occasions, superb. RB
  4. That's what I'm hoping. Oh, yes - happy birthday, Jeff (shouldn't he be retiring today?) RB
  5. Jeff Beck - Southampton, UK, on Friday 3rd July. Woo-hoo! RB
  6. I saw Fanny twice in concert in 1973, in Bournemouth and Southampton. They were far better than the Old Grey Whistle Test performance suggests. RB
  7. You'd think that after all these years the remark would be quoted in context. RB
  8. Procrastination: the thief of time, eh? I never make New Year resolutions, therefore can never break them. RB
  9. My 10.5mm f/2.8 Nikkor fisheye lens arrived. RB
  10. Well, not on Pink Floyd records. RB
  11. This is it. I'm surprised (well no, not really) at how many references are being made equating technical prowess with the quality of the music. Sure, it has its place, but it is not esential in all genres. It's the notes a musician doesn't play that makes the difference, and Pink Floyd were masters of that. RB
  12. And let's not forget Derek Trucks. RB
  13. True. Waters was a capable bass player. I saw The Floyd in their hey-day (when live gigs consisted of just the four of them), and he played it all with no porblems. You don't have to be a virtuoso guitar player to get your ideas across; the musicians played what was right for the song, not using it as a vehicle for showing off prodigious technique every night. RB
  14. I agree. It was the structure of the music that set them apart: where to leave the spaces. The fact that three of the members were at one time training to become architects may well have stood them in good stead as to how to construct a piece without overblowing it, only using what was necessary to make the music effective. RB
  15. If the majority of people actually bought music rather than illegally downloading/file sharing music from the web then these "starving"musicians may just make some money. Commercial success depends on whether something is sellable or not; it's up to the general public and their wallets. RB
  16. Led Zepelin have reportedly sold over 300,000,000 albums, so on that basis they must also be overated. Still feel the same? RB
  17. Nick Mason: People often listen to the music and come up with a visualisation of what it's about and when they've had it they think they've got it, they've discovered the secret. Sometimes they even bother to write to us and say, "I've got the answer, it's cornfields, isn't it?" Roger Waters: And when they say it to us we tell them the truth. We just say, "If that's what it is to you then that's what it is", because it can be whatever you want - it doesn't matter what you visualise - it's not important". Roger Waters and Nick Mason on Pink Floyd. ZigZag, July 1973.
  18. You state here that generalisations don't work, and then continue do just that - generalise. Not the best way to form a coherent arguement, is it? You also appear to make up statistics as you go along, or make references to "widely accepted" information, unable to quote sources. Sure, it's fine you don't like Pink Floyd; there are millions who will agree with you. I think this is just a case of Trolling. RB
  19. And your source for this information? What is known that Gilmour and Waters both played bass on One Of These Days. RB
  20. How do you mean "clever"? As to musicians making mistakes in live performance, that's the way it is. It's called being human. RB
  21. Pink Floyd must have being doing something right during their career, as it is reported that they sold over 210 million albums worldwide, whilst The Dark Side Of The Moon achieved a total of 1,500 weeks (over 28 years) on the Billboard and Pop Catalogue charts. Overrated, or what?...I don't think so. RB
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