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    saint louis, mo
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    Music of course. A few of my favorite bands are LED ZEPPELIN, Jimi hendrix, black sabbath, pink floyd, blue oyster cult, the beatles, the doors, ted nugent, those are just a few. I also enjoy video games, reading i love H.P lovecraft and Edgar allen poe. Um... That's all i can think of adding.
  1. Just thought I would see how your doing. Hope all is well.

  2. Oh good. Yeah im okay with it, its healthy lol.

  3. Lol yeah i'm using it right now. Are you okay with being so busy all the time?

  4. Well did you get it fixed. My band has a gig this weekend & I'm working a lot.

  5. Hmm.. Not much. The computer was acting up and hating me. How about you?

  6. It's been good. Sorry for such a late response.

  7. It's okay yeah i kinda have been a little busy. How's things in your life?

  8. Hey im good how are you?

  9. it's okay. i know you are busy. but it's good to hear from you. =]

  10. I'm good you? Sorry i haven't been on in a while now.

  11. Hello :D i haven't been on in a while i thought i'd drop by. How are you doing?

  12. Oh no your not bothering me at all. I love it here on the forums and I love talking to everybody on here. Plus when I am off, I have more time to be on here. So it all works out. =]

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