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  1. Cole is sort of a sad figure in my eyes. A total enabler who fueled drugs and alcohol towards the band because it fed his own habits. If his book is to believed (and he was writing about himself in these sections) towards the end with Led Zeppelin he was so paranoid and messed up on drugs that he was sitting under the stage with a hammer smashing the knees of fans who got too close to the stage barrier. Sounds psychotic. Maybe he has reconciled with the band, but I doubt that he and Robert were ever close again.
  2. I really expected Carouselambra, but given that it was not played I wouldn't trade anything else for it. Its long. I read somewhere some "insider" claiming that they practiced it a lot prior to the show, but I guess that report was meaningless. Did Page and Plant ever perform For Your Life? On another ITTOD note, I watched the Knebworth clip of Hot Dog on youtube and it is pretty awesome live. Could have become a staple of their 80s set. But still wouldn't trade anything from the O2 setlist for it.
  3. I have only seen clips and heard the complete bootleg, but two favourites. 1. Plant's voice on Kashmir. His howl puts the Unledded performance to shame. I thought, "holy christ, this guy can sing louder than he did in the 70s. Who the eff cares about how high?" 2. All of Dazed and Confused. It really made the band seem like time travellers, and I still don't understand how they pulled it off. I thought more than any other moment they really got to another place that would have been impossible for other bands and even for the solo members of the group.
  4. This attitude has always bothered me - the suggestion that if I'm not going crazy and jumping up and down I'm somehow not enjoying the gig. I find it to be especially bad with Rolling Stones fans, particularly American ones. Its a strangely self-centered idea that one fan's right to throw himself around the venue is worth more than another's to stand, see the show, concentrate on the music. Stones fans get enraged if you don't stand up for the show and insist on their right to block your view as they "enjoy" the show more than you. I don't get it. In short, maybe the crowd was subdued beca
  5. I found a full copy of the show on torrentspy.com. Is this the slowburn show you are all talking about? It gets a lot better sound quality after Black Dog and sounds really clear by Dazed and Confused. Man this show sounds unbelievable!
  6. I'm sorry, but you're out to lunch. Have you heard any audio from the show? Jimmy was not struggling the entire night. And he is no SUPPOSED to look like anything. He is a musician and he's supposed to sound great, which he did. Anybody who cares how he looked is barking up the wrong tree.
  7. I watched the youtube video of Kashmir from 1988 after looking at the O2 performance 9 or 10 times (obsessive.) The difference in body language in night and day. In 1988 Robert looked pained to be onstage. The camera never touches JPJ and JP looked (sorry to say) drunk. The difference in 2007 is unbelievable. Also, a beach ball nailed Robert in the kidney in 1988. A mess all around! So I'd say the body language was pretty good!
  8. Sort of a mean spirited post. I think the point is that Jimmy is old and he still looks like the effin coolest man on the planet. Your picture proves nothing.
  9. My god, I almost cried while listening to GTBT. When I heard it was the opener I wondered how Jimmy could ever replicate the solo from the recording. And then he did it.
  10. They sound like a herd of elephants. Amazing.
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