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  1. Snowing, and the sky box has gone off. I phoned them and this idiot said is it snowing, I said I thought digital was not affected by weather conditions, he replied that as it was snowing sky channels had ALL gone off. Anyone recommend an alternative?
  2. Sorry Knebby, the post I originally sent went missing.Let me just say that I hope these bastards live a long life.........and suffer pain every day
  3. Lovely day here in Liverpool, mild and sunny. Makes a change.
  4. Gimme some loving - Spencer Davis Group
  5. I still have the free poster from that tour I saw them on Liverpool Empire, it was a 72/73 tour, and we had to send off our ticket stubs and in return we received a cardboard poster folded into four with a picture of each individual member.
  6. The Record shop in Bold Street in Liverpool, I bought quite a few vinyls from them, I went there on Wednesday ....sadly it was closed.
  7. No I still have it on a 7" vinyl single. Along with much too late for goodbyes which I also have.
  8. My wife gave me money to buy a new guitar. I got a Fender accoustic, arrived about an hour ago. It's brilliant. I just need to learn how to play it properly!!
  9. Strider, is that a compliment or an insult?
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