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  1. I have live on Blueberry Hill on vinyl which I'ver had for over 40 years there is no name on the label just "Zeppelin"
  2. Well he's about 10 years older than me and both my parents died at the age of 84, so I presume his parents are dead
  3. Snowing, and the sky box has gone off. I phoned them and this idiot said is it snowing, I said I thought digital was not affected by weather conditions, he replied that as it was snowing sky channels had ALL gone off. Anyone recommend an alternative?
  4. I dislike rude and ignorant people who don't listen to anybody elses opinion.
  5. Sorry Knebby, the post I originally sent went missing.Let me just say that I hope these bastards live a long life.........and suffer pain every day
  6. I was brought up a roman catholic and I personally couldn't give a toss who the pope is, new or old. I bet he is over 70.
  7. I have the Remasters box set on vinyl which is a compilation of all their albums in a six album pack.
  8. Lovely day here in Liverpool, mild and sunny. Makes a change.
  9. Gimme some loving - Spencer Davis Group
  10. Never mind the background ,just enjoy listening to it
  11. I hope this is some kind of a joke, some no-talent wife beating arsehole getting a knighthood, it can't even bear thinking about. The buffoon can hardly string two words together.
  12. Just an idea of what you remember as your most memorable accoustic guitar bits, here are 10 of mine Over the hills and far away - Led Zeppelin Step on my old size nines - Stereophonics Same old rock - Roy Harper/Jimmy Page Hymn - Barclay James Harvest Wandring Aloud - Jethro Tull Norwegian Wood - The Beatles Wish you were here - Pink Floyd Stranger in blue suede shoes - Kevin Ayers Oh well - Fleetwood Mac Footprints - Paul McCartney.
  13. Kevin Ayers has died at the age of 68, did some great songs IE Strangers In Blue Suede Shoes, I'm sure there are still a lot of his fans around.
  14. I still have the free poster from that tour I saw them on Liverpool Empire, it was a 72/73 tour, and we had to send off our ticket stubs and in return we received a cardboard poster folded into four with a picture of each individual member.
  15. The Record shop in Bold Street in Liverpool, I bought quite a few vinyls from them, I went there on Wednesday ....sadly it was closed.
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