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  1. Yeah I have read this has to be a factor as we all know how Bonzo loved his drink. But I read in When Giants Walked The Earth that Jimmy gave JPJ and Bonzo a book of magick runes and Bonzo picked this one as it symbolised the bond between mother father and son.
  2. Stairway as said before was a much more iconic song and raised the bar for rock and songwriting in general.
  3. The Westernesse name for Rivendell is Imladris not Ilmaldries.
  4. I have been reading this topic and now feel like a dumbass as have posted a topic that could not be any more similar about a week ago. It's called Led Of The Rings.
  5. How the hell did anybody even come to that conclusion. It amazes me that someone thought that stairway to heaven wasn't good enough to be played forwards. All this shit is just rumour and probably started out with the idea that Pagey was academically interested in Aleister Crowley and the occult. And I also hear that if you recite the Greek alphabet backwards whilst standing on one leg and simultaneousy patting your belly and patting your head whilst listening to the rain song in midsummer it starts to snow. What a load of bull shit.
  6. Absolutely Truely Unique Interstellar Genius. Couldn't think of anything for the fourth letter game but at least I started with 'A'.
  7. How about Zep-reps. As in those representin' the mighty Zeppelin. Or you could say you were in a state of Zep-nosis.
  8. I don't know any Zep haters but if I were to come across one I would quietly and calmly tell them to behave or suffer the consequence of a very slow and painful death.
  9. Couldn't limit it to 15 songs but here are my favourite ones not in any particular order. Stairway When The Levee Breaks Communication Breakdown Dazed And Confused Ramble On Immigrant Song The Lemon Song Black Dog Bring It On Home Tangerine The Battle Of Evermore The Song Remains The Same Going To California No Quarter The Rover Kashmir Ten Years Gone Achilles Last Stand In The Evening The Ocean AGREE OR DIE!!!
  10. Great quiz. Don't forget the references to Tolkien in 'Battle of Evermore'. Have a look at my 'Led Of The Rings' post.
  11. I've always thought TBOE was about Helms Deep and that "The Eastern Glow" was in fact Gandalf and the Riders of Rohan arriving at dawn with the sun at their backs. This song has many LOTR references that relate different interpretations and meaings to everyone.
  12. Ramble On, Now is the time, the time is now! - SIMPLY EPIC
  13. Belfast, Ireland. Where the Ulster Hall is. This is where they performed Stairway to Heaven for the first time live on 5th of March 1971.
  14. Has to be 'Stairway'. It's a Cliche but you couldn't pick a better song for a cliche. I play 'Stairway' all the time on my guitar and I just love the 12 string in the track simple yet brillant. A solo which needs no commentary and heart-renching vocals. After that it's 'When The Levee Breaks' But the whole album is amazing.
  15. What's up everyone. Guess what another Led Zeppelin fan.

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