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  1. luvlz2

    What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    Best wishes Kiwi!
  2. luvlz2

    Your Turntable

    Right, looks like I should get some tools such as a digital scale for measuring tracking weight and other tools I'll need to have as well. I'll find out soon enough. I ordered a shiit mani preamp which I am very stoked about. Supposed to be a great match for the plug n spin kit i'm getting.
  3. luvlz2

    Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/03/16/review-pink-floyd-legend-delivers-a-must-see-concert-experience/ https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2019/03/14/39597660/nick-masons-saucerful-of-secrets-brilliantly-reanimated-pink-floyds-freaky-pre-dark-side-of-the-moon-era-at-the-paramount
  4. luvlz2

    Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    3/15/19 The Masonic, San Francisco
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  6. luvlz2

    Suzi Thread

  7. luvlz2

    Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    3/13/19 Seattle, WA. - Paramount Theatre
  8. luvlz2

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

  9. luvlz2

    Your Turntable

    I've used a turntable a long time but that doesn't mean that I can do all the adjustments that can be done. I have a lot to learn. As long as it's not too complicated switching plug n spin kits (headshell, cartridge, stylus, etc.) I will be cool, but if it's really too long and drawn out of a process it may discourage me, I know patience is a virtue with stuff like this. You have to align it (the stylus, cartridge, etc.), do sound tests, etc. Still waiting for my nagaoka mp-110h to arrive.
  10. luvlz2

    Your Turntable

    If I spent $1600 on a turntable I'm not sure I would want to have some place make all these adjustments to my new turntable right out of the box. Actually they are very important adjustments but do they really need to be done on a new turntable? I guess so. Actually I want to find a reliable place that does this kind of work just in case I am over my head when I try to install my new plug n spin kit.
  11. luvlz2

    Jimmy Page and the XYZ tapes

    Drummer Alan White Reflects on his Years Playing With John Lennon and Yes White reveals that Yes are touring this summer, and that the unreleased XYZ sessions with Jimmy Page might come out. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/drummer-alan-white-interview-yes-john-lennon-804823/
  12. One of my all time favorites from him too, and what an absolutely great live show he and his band put on that tour! I think it's super cool that the artwork for F.O.N. will be updated to reflect today's times! Listening to my 1993 vinyl and I think it sounds excellent. As to whether a vinyl will sound quieter than most albums that may happen as well as other quality issues. Would love to see a F.O.N.box set or double vinyl with bonus tracks included.
  13. luvlz2

    Your Turntable

    I hope I got good advice from turntableneedles dot com about a better plug n spin kit for my turntable. It recommended a Nagaoka plug n spin kit, so I ordered one. Now balancing it out with my turntable is going to be another thing, hopefully it's not too difficult.
  14. luvlz2

    Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    Looks like tickets are selling absolutely piss poorly in many markets. I hope shows don't get cancelled.
  15. luvlz2


    I wasn't really trying to notice it, I think the evening I saw them he was doing a better job covering it up. But it's known he has been running click tracks to cover his voice, I've been trying not to let all the chatter over it affect my last chance seeing these guys who have given so much to the very end...LONG LIVE KISS!