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  1. I was there and you're right, the show started out well and the crowd was really into it as it was a Saturday night. But by Ten Years Gone, Jimmy was down for the count. The next night was blistering and my friend and I filmed the Super 8 footage that is seen on You Tube. I've very recently gotten In contact with him and he still has the footage.
  2. Only the band members within Zeppelin really knew the situation at that time, but issues of power and control seemed to be in the mix. Not just drugs and drink. Robert Plant 1988 RS interview - "I didn't want to do anything a minute longer that was necessary if I didn't like it. So after a lot of shuffling, it came out all right. Jimmy's role wasn't as prominent as it was before. Jonesy and I worked a lot more on things. But by the time we were playing Knebworth and the 1980 European tour, Jimmy was back in his commanding position." Page was always going to be the founder and leader of Led Zeppelin. As far as the U.S. 1980 Led Zeppelin tour, nobody in Chicago had tickets because they were never released to the public.
  3. That's Page with the band Detective who were on the Swan Song label. Looks like 1975 or 1976 when Zeppelin were hanging out in California.
  4. Cool photo. Jimmy Page changed into the white satin during Bonzo's drum solo. It doesn't completely come across how animated Jimmy was at these shows. His every physical move was in sync with music. My sister-in-law was at the opening show with me. She's a huge Mick Jagger fan and she said of Page after she saw him - " Jimmy Page has class!"
  5. A classic moment caught on film! Thanks for unearthing these photos Jetcat. I remember being taken aback at how skinny Jimmy's arms were when he wore that outfit. It wasn't as noticeable the other 3 Chicago shows when he wore the white dragon suit.
  6. Yes I did zeplz71. It's the one written by Joe Schmidt. The Easter Sunday concert was the best of the 4 Chicago shows. Indelible memories.
  7. Yes, that was me. I had written a series about my experiences of seeing Zeppelin in Chicago 1977. Initially for the Electric Magic forum in 2007. Never reposted them on this official forum when it switched over later that year. They are posted in the timeline.
  8. I'm in agreement.. I actually saw Jimmy Page collapse onstage in Chicago 1977. When Bonzo died in 1980, other than Deathwish 2 you had no idea what was up with Jimmy. When he did reappear at the ARMS shows in 1983, it was shocking to see how bad he looked. It was obvious he was suffering. Many on this forum have unrealistic expectations of him. Almost a hostility. I'm happy he survived it all and he seems to be enjoying his life.
  9. I never put much stock in Jimmy releasing any more solo material. The solo artist path doesn't seem to be an enjoyable one for him. Page doesn't operate in a vacuum in regards to releasing Zeppelin material. Someone should ask Plant or Jones why nothing has been released to coincide with Zeppelin's 50th anniversary.
  10. No good deed goes unpunished. God forbid Jimmy Page enjoy his life.
  11. R.I.P. Scott Walker. A majestic artist. The voice of an angel.
  12. Happy 75th birthday Maestro Jimmy Page! A true musical alchemist who has inspired so many.
  13. Those crash and ride cymbals are sizzling on We're Gonna Groove Great job
  14. Her most vivid memory is hearing Stairway To Heaven for the first time. Ever. It hadn't been released yet.
  15. You can hear at about the 4:40 mark he breaks a string. Robert points it out after the song
  16. A topic never mentioned as far as the Page/ Plant relationship that went afoul. Did Page feel any resentment toward Robert Plant about Scarlett Page potentially being killed in the accident in Greece? Just because Jimmy doesn't write the lyrics how does anyone know how he felt about that situation.
  17. My feeling is that for Jimmy Page there is no more JOY in recording new music or touring. There are no musical challenges to be pursued that would warrant the stresses and strains of being told you're not as good as you once were ; asked redundant questions about Crowley, Lori, drug abuse, why did you rip off Stairway and other accusations of plagiarism. Let alone the temptations and depleting effects of touring. Read about Elvis Presley or Roy Orbison at the end of their careers. Roy was overworked to death and Elvis just self immolated. The music business is a killer Jimmy Page gave up that lifestyle to survive. I'm happy for him.
  18. Hi Porgie66,

    Watching the video you posted, it was interesting to see some of the other musical projects you're doing. High level musicianship.

    I'm a guitarist/ composer also playing out in the Chicago area. I play a variety of styles, but at this time the band I'm playing with is more Latin and classic rock and pop emphasis. Lots of percussion. It's fun for me because of just playing Santana -type material note for note, I throw in some Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck licks with these Latin cats that aren't as familiar with the Zeppelin material ?

    If you're up for getting out I'm doing a Cinco de Mayo gig at Shanahan's in Woodridge on May 5th and the following night  May 6th at Homers  on 47th st. And Racine in Chicago

    Thanks.... Joe Schmidt

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    2. Chicago


      Had a great time. Just got outside a lot and recharged my batteries. 

      Resting up from a hot gig last night. It was locked in. Getting ready for round 2 tonight?? how was your show last night? 

      take care...Joe

    3. porgie66


      That's great. Always good to get a change of scenery and pace. Are you still in FL?

      I read your recollections of the 77 shows and really enjoyed them. very vividly detailed to the point where I almost felt like I was there! As much as I don't prefer the 77 era shows as far as repeated listening, I know it was a mind blowing experience to feel that energy and see them live. It's mainly because of Page's erratic playing on that tour, but I also feel like they weren't as free wheeling somehow even though the solos are longer and the songs were longer. Seemed like the epic scale and excesses took the place of the musical substance and improvisatory magic they had in the early years. I even feel that way about a lot of the playing in 75 , though on the Forum boards people are in adulation of 75 and 77. To me , their peak , performance wise was 73. Really 71 -72 were just monstrous. They way Page , Jones and Bonzo played off each other, and Page's ideas and execution just on fire. 

      Gigs went well, had a great weekend at the Green Mill with this pianist Bill Carrothers who is a monster. I have a concert coming up in a couple weeks at The Studebaker Theater downtown with a great big band I play with here , The Chicago jazz Orchestra. It's a tribute to Dizzy Gillespie , in honor of his 100 bday and we are playing his music with the great trumpeter Roy Hargrove. If you're not familiar with him, he's a premier player. It should be a really nice show. Old charts from the 40's and 50's that are a motherfucker, so I gotta focus on these tunes!  Such great music, ahead of its day rhythmically and harmonically. I used to play with Ray Brown, the great bassist and he was in Dizzy's band when he was 18. Pretty wild to think. 

      You're on my email list now so any time you feel like coming to a show, let me know.  I'll be at the Grand Geneva next Friday too ...FYI. 






    4. Chicago


      Ive been back home for a week. I played Friday and Saturday. Great crowd response and I had a blast. Leaving the club at 2:30 yesterday morning from the Back of the Yards area - the big black doorman said - " Man! That was like Jimi Hendrix !"

      Thanks for putting in the time to read my Zeppelin write ups. I'm in agreement about the 1977 tour as far as the playing goes. Jimmy was the determining factor in how their performance would turn out and his playing was really disjointed that year. He moved great and looked cool though. I was an athlete at the time and I was amazed at how skinny his arms were.

      My wife was at the infamous Orlando, August 31, 1971 Led Zeppelin concert. She still has the ticket stub. Different era different energy.

      I'm aware of Ray Brown and Roy Hargrove. Top notch cats. Advanced shit for sure ?? I'm gonna try and get out to one of your shows with my wife.

      Keep working hard on that repertoire!


  19. We'll written overview with which I greatly agree. Such a variety in their compositions and musical approachs. You're right in including I Will on your list. It's a glorious song.
  20. Tasty stuff Bluecongo. Good luck with your upcoming CD
  21. This photo is from the book Tangents Within A Framework. It says it's from 1982 , Jimmy talking to a Japanese journalist. Must be Deathwish 2 related.
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