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  1. Page has given several surly interviews in the past. Incessant questions about drug use usually lead to a bad exchange. Its a familiar pattern which wont change.
  2. I'm joining the discussion. Dont expect an individual, even a public one, to be someone they're not. Jimmy Page has never gone in depth about his drug use. What's changed?
  3. It's Jimmy Page's life. Not yours. Page can be as polite or impolite as he wants when talking about himself.
  4. Why the hell would Page ever repent or confess publicly about any supposed prior behavior? How did his personal actions affect any of you? Jimmy's never been a big mouth like Robert Plant, Peter Townsend or Keith Richards. Guys that talk too much. Dont expect Page to be open to drug questions anymore than Plant being queried about a Zep reunion.
  5. Love both of those albums Strider. Nite Flights also includes stellar work from Scott. I turned my wife onto Scott Walker recently and she's fallen into the rabbit hole. She's been playing his music non-stop. You can't say the guy isn't committed to his own vision regarding his music.
  6. Dont compliment yourself. I was at this show and it was phenomenal!
  7. Having been at this show I can say nobody was outraged enough to get up and leave. It was a great show regardless of choice of outfit. I wonder if those bothered by Page's attire at this show are equally offended by what David Bowie and Eric Clapton were saying and doing during this same time frame.
  8. But in lieu of finding the material to record and play live, Jimmy should just remember the code of silence he once mastered so well. When the press tries to corner you into a storyline - say nothing. Silence. No story is better than a rehearsed line of (yearly) hope to the many faithful. The Faithful who now feel deceived. ------------ The fucking deceived. How nutty! Are you all gonna kick Page's ass for supposedly leading on the moron brigade. I really Love the disclaimer - "I love Jimmy, but he's a liar with no credibility."
  9. The arbiters of credibility. Page owes you nothing....especially the truth.
  10. Les Paul was semi-retired for 20 years. Other than the album he cut with Chet Atkins he was not playing live or recording in a consistent manner. He came out of retirement and played until he dropped. Was there something wrong with him?
  11. You guys are more boring and predictable than anything Page has said or done. Talk about nothing new.
  12. Gotta love the armchair analysis going in this thread. Page maybe being honest or he might be bullshitting just like a certain singer we all know. IF IF IF IF IF Page does tour he won't have to play his guitar with a capo and he'll be able to play in the key of E and A......he can actually change keys. Amazing!
  13. Are you his medical caretaker, guitar instructor or both? That's quite an assumption.
  14. More than money ,I think Page's motivation is that the band he created, produced and composed for is not misrepresented or taken advantage of when his time is over. No one will be pulling an "Alan Douglas " on him.
  15. Rainbow sounds like a half-speed version of Most High without Page's crunch guitars.
  16. Yes he did and was great at it. I wish he did more of it.
  17. Justin Adams plays a set list filled with Page compositions. I'm pretty sure Jimmy Page isnt working on any of Justin Adam's tunes. Bizarre comparison.
  18. The alchemy was there from the start but someone had to compose and arrange the tunes and deal with the technical aspect of production. That's where Page did a lot of the donkey work. It's not really a democratic situation if Jimmy Page has the last word. If anyone's ever played in a band there are constant power struggles about musical direction. It's the very same thing with Led Zeppelin but on a grander scale.
  19. I think it's great Jimmy Page has embraced his leadership role in Led Zeppelin without equivication while promoting this Zeppelin project. Page was the undeniable epicenter of that band as far as the music and vision were concerned and it's the very reason Plant will never rejoin. Who's the boss? That's pretty clear.
  20. Simmer down son. Momentum's a bitch.
  21. The sound and feel remind me of the James Gang's Tend My Garden. I'm wondering if Jimmy was playing the Les Paul he bought from Joe Walsh for this track.
  22. Hey Middlezep. Prince is promoting his new band and needs to generate attention, but he just appears desperate in that statement about Jimmy. Although Page did comment about Prince's show at the O2 when he was preparing for the 2007 Zeppelin reunion. Page thought the sound quality at Prince's show sucked.
  23. If he said it? Smart ass. During a Mojo interview with the singer, Prince discussed the many influences on the forthcoming 3RDEYEGIRL album, Plectrumelectrum, which reportedly features “new music with a sense of history”. On the subject of the track TICTACTOE, he revealed that the song was inspired by a night listening to the Cocteau Twins. “We recorded it in Bryan Ferry’s studio in London, after a night of partying for which the Cocteau Twins was the soundtrack,” he explained. “You can’t understand the words of the Cocteau Twins songs, but their harmonies put you in a dreamlike state.” Sly and the Family Stone, Joni Mitchell, Santana, Miles Davis and James Brown were also named as artists Prince and his band have drawn from. But, after being compared to Led Zeppelin during the playback, Prince wasn’t altogether taken with the likeness: “Jimmy Page was cool, but he couldn't keep a sequence without John Bonham behind him.” Prince has recently finished a sequence of Hit and Run dates in the UK, stopping by at a string of London venues before embarking on two Manches
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