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  1. Do you contribute anything here or just condescend?
  2. Unless you can show otherwise Page was never asked to be involved with the Beck/Clapton tour or the Crossroads festival here in Chicago. Those cats know who would get the most attention.
  3. Exactly. Page has his own sense of time and phrasing and that's why he's so unique. As great a musician as Prince is he's much more derivative in sound and style than Jimmy.
  4. Apparently Prince isn't real keen about his latest music being compared to Led Zeppelin. In a Mojo magazine interview he states " Jimmy Page was cool, but he couldn't keep a sequence without John Bonham behind him. " Yeah right....I'm sure that was the word in London in the 60's "Let's use that guitarist who keeps shitty time." I didn't know that Bonham was hired to keep Page steady on all those sessions he played on. If Prince had any awareness of Zeppelin's musical dynamics he'd know it was Bonham that played to Page. That was the set-up. Prince is sounding like rock music's Spike Lee.
  5. One Harvey had morphed into the Harvey well before I commented. I'm glad Jimmy didn't cave to the offer.
  6. This was the killer show of the four night run in Chicago. This is the soundboard I'd like to see emerge. I remember Jimmy Page breaking a string midway through his guitar solo during No Quarter, throwing up his hands in frustration and them re-arranging the whole damn solo! It was brilliant.
  7. Robert's voice sounded really strong and clear at the shows I saw in 1977. Having owned several shows from the 1975 tour where his voice was shot I didn't know how he would sound. Especially after they cancelled the 1st leg of the tour when he had throat issues.
  8. Drug wreckage. A man with such poor judgement and he expects anyone to care about his opinions about Bonham and Moon.
  9. Harvey the hypocrite. After the Zeppelin reunion at the 02 it was this guy who was flapping his gums about how Page should move on and forget about Zeppelin reuniting. Goldsmith was managing Jeff Beck at the time and even Beck added his two cents that Page should forget about a reformation of Zeppelin. Jeff has since fired Harvey's ass.
  10. James Cagney John Barrymore Spencer Tracy Irene Dunne Claude Rains
  11. Happy Birthday Mr. Beck! The master guitarist who plays and looks 20 years younger than he is. Keep up the beans and rice!
  12. I was at the May 6 Rosemont Horizon show and Jimmy played terribly. The worst I"ve ever heard him and I was in the front row! It was painful to see and hear him sound so bad. The spotlight hit him at the opening of Fortune Hunter and he looked fucked. He barely left the area around his amps and just would'nt come up front. A friend of mine had heard Jimmy was ill that evening and that was the reason for his shoddy performance. The band should have rescheduled this show because Jimmy Page didn't leave a good impression on those in attendance.
  13. Tonight's game is definitely front and center in this city. Hope to be celebrating shortly!
  14. What a rush it was to see this show!
  15. Chicago

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Sick Again Herr Page
  16. Yeah Nutrocker, the Circus magazine interview with Jimmy Page came out the summer of 1977 and he did say the make up show in Chicago would be an all request concert. In theory that sounded exciting but the reality of how the band were playing at that time would disallow that. They weren't even doing soundchecks back then so I don't see how they could have pulled off songs they hadnt played in years.
  17. I had 3rd row seats for the August 3rd show in Chicago and box seats for the make up show from April 9th when Page went down. The whole summer of 1977 was building towards those shows. When Robert's son died it was a real blow. I knew immediately that it would never be the same and that there was a strong chance they'd never play together again.That type of tragedy changes your entire world.
  18. No, he's pissed because he can't chronicle Pages every move and meal like he could if Jimmy was touring and playing regularly. Too bad.
  19. . The Page-Clapton comparison doesn't work for me. Clapton was only in Cream for 2 years and Derek and the Dominoes for a short stint. Otherwise its been Eric Clapton the solo artist for over 40 years. A guitarist who sings. Clapton also had over a decade of flaccid sounding records that could've cured insomnia. Eric Clapton was nowhere near to Jimmy Page in the showmanship department. Brush up on your math as Zeppelin had a 12 year run. Jimmy Page wrote his own material and relied on a vocalist outside himself. A different set of circumstances. It does take someone with a certain level of political acumen to succeed in the session world and to spearhead an unbelievably successful band which changed the music world. Apparently that's not enough for some. It's s not a stretch to say Page has played on many more records than Clapton.
  20. There' politics in running a band. There's politics in the music business. There's politics in royalties and publishing. In these areas Page has actually been a very successful politician.
  21. Politicians run and get re-elected for office constantly despite unfulfilled promises. Far more costly to you and I than Page not coming through on solo material. Put it in perspective.
  22. Jimmy's done putting out new music. I think he's just not interested in putting himself through the rigors of what he called "going under the microscope." He's already done it all in a spectalular and lasting fashion . People that are twitchy about what Page " promises " in interviews really don't get it. Its just a bluff and theres no law that states he must declare his retirement. Be happy with whats there to be heard and enjoyed.
  23. This solo is mint. Page sounds ecstatic and doesn't really seem to want end it. Great choice!
  24. Don't confuse the issue. You really need to read a post before you quote it. Robert Plant publicly stated what his lyrics to Carouselambra represented. Fool in the Rain was the polar opposite to that topic. Not every song is about dope.
  25. Hate to disappoint the heroin obsessed but that comment is false.
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