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  1. After Shaken' and Stirred tanked, Robert must have regained his patience long enough to use Page on the 2 standout tracks from Now and Zen. Funny how that works.
  2. I attended all 4 Chicago shows and the Easter Sunday show was the best. The performance and atmosphere created one of those magic nights. This would be a great concert to hear a better representation of. I wrote a review of this show that can be read in the timeline under the title "Stormtroopers Easter." I also reviewed the other Chicago 1977 I was lucky enough to have been at.
  3. Self-deception anyone? Glad to see the removal of the psychological rot that had been spewed about Jimmy Page by the arbiters of social morality. Talk about disgusting.
  4. Total bullshit that Jimmy was playing his 12 and 6 string guitar at the same time.That would've meant no notes being articulated other than open strings. I was at all 4 nights in Chicago in 1977. It didn't happen and I saw Page collapse on that Saturday night. He did start Since I've Been Loving You too early in the set that night. I've read through this book a couple times already and it seems to me a mix of truth and embellishment. Depending on how much you were paid by the band. A few posts here seem to have a foul opinion of how Page comes across, but Bonham's portrayed here as an absolute violent madman. Someone you wouldn't want around your loved ones.
  5. Back to the Jimmy Page interview. For those who've actually read the piece I find Jimmy's observations about his guitar playing and his insights on Jeff Beck, Clapton, Hendrix and Keith Richards interesting and respectful. Other guitar players and musicians would probably appreciate what he has to say.
  6. A great read that allows Jimmy Page to share his perceptions on his life and career with Zeppelin and without. He's more than entitled to have his say about these matters. In the old days he never revealed squat about internal band dynamics and that seems to have changed. If it ruffles the feathers of some so be it. It would be healthy for him as an artist to use whatever justifiable anger he may have at the lack of a reunion to create something potent and powerful musically.
  7. My wife works in publishing and stated to me professional printers would readily be able to handle a rush job like the 1977 LZ tour program. i'll rely on her expertise. The program I bought in Chicago was the same purchased by fans in NYC and LA.
  8. That exact tour program was available for purchase at all the Chicago 1977 concerts.
  9. My impression is this has nothing to do with Page joining up with Them Crooked Vultures. When Page and Jones jammed with the Foo Fighters in London they'd been rehearsing with Jason Bonham and in their own words described the music they were playing as sounding great. There appeared to be a disagreement between Page and Jones about potential singers and created a road block in their momentum. Power struggle. There were also bad vibes in the press that they were going out as Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant,which was inaccurate. The path of least resistance for Jones was join up with Grohl and Homme, an offer that was on the table, and have 2 singers and no power struggle with Jimmy Page in a new band with a new name and new songs. It sounds odd but since the O2 reunion concert it seems Page's relationship with Robert and JPJ has dissolved. No photos together and no appearances by Jimmy at their shows. It makes sense Page is no hurry to do the work involved on packaging the O2 show. Unless he's going to promote something new of his own in tandem with the 02 release - which would bolster Jimmy's " parallel project", why bother?
  10. Don't purchase what you don't want to buy. Don't read what you don't enjoy reading. Don't listen to what you don't find listenable. Page isn't the one with the problem.
  11. It's never been stated as fact that Robert was asked to participate in the XYZ project. Jimmy Page's guitar tech from that era, Tim Marten expresses the opposite in Dave Lewis' recent book Feather in the Wind. Q: Jimmy worked with Chris Squire and Alan White in 1981- how far did that project get to becoming a full-fledged band? TM: It was an exciting project that we were all sworn to secrecy on. It's probably the best album that never got released. They were going along really well- Chris knitted together with Jimmy and I, everyone was up for it, but something happened over contracts and it never happened. I don't know quite what it was. It was a shame really, as it could have been really good. Robert wasn't involved in that-it was never going to be something Robert sang on but they were all keen to take it further.
  12. I'm not in the " Jimmy Page would have died if Zeppelin continued "camp. If anything would have killed him it would've been the inertia of doing nothing post Zep. Severely depressed and doing a shitload of drugs. That's a bad combo he emerged from.
  13. I don't think he's been asked to participate in the Crossroads festivals specifically. Clapton runs it and may feel Page would attract a different type of crowd. On all the recordings of the ARMS shows there's no denying Page received the most massive response and that was him at his worst! Egos do play a role in these issues.
  14. BluesQuest.com: I’ve told them a couple of times, ‘If you’re going to have Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, the historic rock and roll third person would be…’ Beck: Page. BluesQuest.com: Jimmy. Bluesest.com: Is that do-able, do you sup Beck: It should beQu. pose, among the three of you? Beck: I don’t know what Jimmy would think about it. I’ve got hours of that kind of [music] that I could do. I could select a half dm any album you name, and play them instrumental. But Jimmy would have to come and perform as a guitarist, solo. He couldn’t have Zeppelin there. It would have to be a house band, with us doing pre-arranged material he selected. BluesQuest.com: B, could you three guys do that? Beck: Mmm-hmm. It might be a bit sticky. I don’t care. It would be a big draw. I can’t see it not being. BluesQuest.com: Oh yeah. And I’m sure the CDs and DVDs would do well.
  15. Love the exotic version of White Summer. It's really generous of Jimmy Page to be sharing rarities he's not obligated to reveal to his fans.
  16. I've actually heard that Paul Rodgers was the one having substance problems around the time of The Firm. Maybe someone in the know could verify.
  17. Listen to Bonzo's drum solo at thiis gig. It was concise and riveting. Much better than those later on the tour. It reminds me of the 1975 Chicago version of Moby Dick. Strong stuff.
  18. Too bad no one can see the beer cooler they filled up with over 30 Heinekens just to the left of were Bonzo sat. A few minutes before the show started we saw the roadie stocking that thing full with bags of ice and green bottles.
  19. Page actually looked more pale and bone-thin at the April 10th show than he did the night before when he hit the deck. When he came out in the black t-shirt, the contrast made his arms look so thin it was shocking.
  20. In agreement with your observations MSG. You get the feeling that Jimmy had a careless disregard toward his health from the 1977 tour and for quite a stretch of time afterward. It showed in his chain smoking and spectral physique. There's no doubt it affected his consistency to play the guitar at the level he became influential for. I recently listened to an interview Jimmy did at the start of The Firm's 1985 tour and he had a stutter in his speech that was painful to listen to.
  21. I did notice Page wasn't smoking cigarettes at all during the set that night as he so freely was during the other Chicago shows that year. Someone I knew well was very close to the stage that night and he thought Page was " Coke sick." I didn't see him faint or throw up as some embellishers have suggested. He just sat slumped out in his wooden chair dragging his ass to the finish of 10 Years Gone. Unless Page reveals the truth about that night it's all speculation.
  22. Phil Keaggy needs to be mentioned as an incredible guitar player and musician. If anyone is unaware of him, it'd do you good to check him out.
  23. I have both the the above mentioned issues of ZoZo magazine. I was quite unhappy that Taylor had discontinued his ZoZo magazine just after I sent him $30 to renew my subscription. I never saw the money again or another issue from Taylor the Rip-off. I don't think he's ever reappeared publicly since that time. For good reason.
  24. I'm also hoping Page has things brewing beneath the surface,but Jimmy has the added problem of people {fellow musicians, engineers,assorted hangers on,etc} stealing his work and releasing it publicly before he's ready to release it. Look at the 02 rehearsals that were thieved and released.
  25. One of best shows I've seen were U2 on their Unforgettable Fire tour. A great friend of mine was head of security at this gig and I was able to watch the whole show in the barrier between the front row and the stage right in front of Edge. These guys were tight and powerful.
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